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Happy Birthday Nasuha(hahahahaha)! Happy birthday happy birthday xD And Happy Belated Birthday to THE PERSON SITTING BESIDE ME. Wahahaha, Diyanah xD


Today during art did the Bandhili dunno what thing lah. Make folds, tie with little rubber bands and colour with red/green. Wait for it to dry and untie the rubber bands. THen you'll get a pattern. My colour like bangsai.

History after that. Had to pay a dollar cos my notes and textbook with Soksan and Mr Ng said cannot get from her lol! Math after that. My history and math results were very lousy... And during math Mrs Tay also said sth like , "Then got one your next door neighbour... call MUHAMMAD! Always never hand in one. But yesterday, woah! Completely done arh!" LOL, something like that lah, damn funny jiu shi le.

Went to staff room to find Mr Ng about the test with Teotingpok. I very nice lor share my STRAWBERRY POCKY with alot of people=) WHen it's so delicious lah! So nice so nice=)

Mr Ng was very nice. He's always nice anyway, haha. He has a tiny coliseum structure in rome at his table. I MISS EUROPE=(=(=( But still, yeah. After recess was english, write compo. Lame lah, got 1hour time I write around 2 pages and left lines only between the paragraphs and still only wrote the story halfway. Mr Yeo still say my handwriting small. Dumb lor...

Chinese quite fun, especially the dunno what yu yan miao xie whatever thing one. Haha damn funny lah. Cherlyn and I wrote, "Diu diu diu~ Woah wo kan ni de lian jiu xiang tu liao! Chao chao chao, tiam lah!" Then the whole class knew the answer was Hew Jianyuan hahaha the joker sio, and Bushy got three times the high-pitched wahhhh sound haha lmao! BUSHY YOU SUCK xD (okok jk lah. Hanbin love you lah xD He say one leh!!!)

Assembly was super fun -.- Especially with Mrs Tay there lah, lmao! Because I saw Haziq on stage when singing the school song his face like gek sai like that ma walao then keep making me laugh then I also keep whisper to Bushy and after that Mrs Tay come ask me why I keep laughing then sat beside me T.T

Me: "Why you sit here?! Sit in front leh!"
She: "I want to sit with you."

LOL. JOKER. THen she was marking 2i1 test paper corrections, so I saw some results lah=) All very good de lor.. Except.. xD And Mingwei sit in front damn funny can! His hair also. xD Ok ok paiseh I know very bad lah but I zi high ma. ANd Mingwei also look very happy? Must be cos he thinks Bushy like him lah xD

Mrs Tay comment a lot on the assembly haha, as in not continuously lah duh! I keep asking her the answer for the questions she don't want tell me lor! I tell her her class students like SHinan Aikseng they all like keep turning around and look at her and maybe want her sit with them but she also don't want listen to me!

And got some dunno what Deal or No Deal thing right. And Adrian Pang picture there. I point at him and tell Mrs Tay..

Me: Mrs Tay you look like that one leh!
She: -gives that look with a bit smile- I thought that one is a guy?
Me: Yeah lah that's why lah!
She: -gives the trying to control her smile kind of face, LOL-

Then the Limaizhen also, keep smiling. Smile lah smile some more! And when Ben Chia said something like "Mrs Tay question" that time, Mrs Tay gave a surprised look and I don't know whether she was talking to me or talking to herself LOL but she was smiling and said something like, "Huh? My question? Wha-.. !@#$%^&*()" Haha, that part I dunno what she say ma xD Not trying to infer that she scolded vulgarities or anything ok hahaha=)

When Javan went up to answer the question, Mrs Tay told me, "He better get the question right and better not disgrace me in front of so many people.." And Javan got it wrong xD Shinan went up, also wrong. Hahaha! Mrs Tay super funny lah. SHe is a natural comedian. I can't believe I'm saying this, but sitting with Mrs Tay today was really very fun xD

Ok, after school ate some of Jeslynn, Ahpok and Sarah's cheese fries haha, and went front porch. THen do the egg thing lor. Walao, Bushy, your Hanbin hor, keep asking where is Qu Mo where is Qu Mo. He call me Chewy, then call me Qu Mo de best friend, then Qu Mo de girlfriend, then finally call Qu Mo de peng you. Lmao! (FYI Qu Mo means curly hair=))

Then alot of things happened and the egg very wobbly lor.. Someone still drop the fake egg two times xD After that, sat with Ziqi, Jeslynn, Sarah, Jiaying, Yingkiat, Yinjunhao, Boonping, etc. Woah, YK and Yin JH so pervert lor. Lol! Yin JH can tell, but I didn't know YK is so pervert de. I still thought he is mature mature one xD

After the egg, Jiaying, Jeslynn, me, Sarah and Chin Zeikei(!) went to bubble tea and then Jeslynn and I went to buy cheese fries for us and Jiaying. Saw the NCC guy, zzz. Eleazar joined us and we yi bian talk yi bian eat=D Yum. So hungry lah. Diyanah (the lame person) still can fast uh, so admire her. I cannot tahan de=P

And Germany doesn't suck.... Podolski rocks also... =/

Great day=)

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