Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Love dies.

Love lives on dies.

Love lives on dies.

Talking to Jeslynn, Shinan, Alfred and Derek has made me feel much better.
I hope the bad feeling goes off.. Real soon..

JESLYNN. We go hunt for birdies=) Chop chop.

From 17 July.
Sally: Su hua shuo, Sally then is lao ren ok=)
Jeslynn!: J is for Jeslynn and your Jasper=) Neh Neh.
Aizhen.: Lol. I thought you meant something and made me so disturbed during class=)
Cherlyn!: Haha. So forgotful=)
y²: Hello, Yeowyong?=)
ken': Take care too...
Diyanahisnotlame: No I'm not, lamo=)
Deon: Haha, yes yes she said that. Funny=)
diyanahhhhh: Lol, you plankton=)
christine: yo christine=)
Jeslynn: Haha, ya. Jotham super funny. Nice meh? Like alot cheese. But put in fridge is nice=)
Sally: No new phone for you, cos too old le=)
diyanahhhhh: Haha, but you're still lame. I gave you pocky already today=) Haziq and Azhar kope alot, and Eleazar took the whole packet=(
christine: Haha, ok good. Anything must say ok. No lah, why is it similar to Jeslynn's post?
sarah ;D: Hahaha, no lor I so smart, next time you reading your favourite Enid Blyton I call Mrs Tay you kena. Merry Christmas!=)
kristie: Pokpok=)
Sally: Haha, stupid lao ren, so lame=)
cherlyn!: Haha, ok=) Thanks.
Jeslynn: Haha. Cos you chicken ma=) Yeah, ok, try..=)
diyanahhhhh: PODOLSKI ROCKS!!=)
JIAYING:D: You soli auntie! Haha.
jayda: =) It's nothing de. Doctor Tan=) Justin rocks leh.
cherlyn!: Yes yes, let's watch tomorrow!=) Oh, the Bushy extra go call de.
haziqq.: Return me my pocky!!=( Yeah you love Cheeyuan right, I know I know. Blow. Hang the sign at your toilet.
kristie: Don't listen to the lame guy.. You when can go out buy your bag=)
diyanah: Hahahahaha. I'm Mr.You=) I'm buying Pockydolskibob again tomorrow=)

4:38 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.