Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Record Challenge.

Today was a hot (and sexy?) day.

Had the Record Challenge today, so saw Pornsak and the girl for the second time. Hm, then took bus there and was the first school to reach Singapore Poly Stadium, around 9+ or 10+. Then just waited and everything. When the competition started, Haisong wore some ancient costume and carried a torch with his left hand.

Continued with the other participants and some dropped eggs etc. Quite fun watching, but got bored after some time. A girl in front of me had the chio white phone, lol.. Damn it... And then Govin said something like no detention. And everybody went chanting and chirping: (Got beat) "No detention! No detention!" GOvin also said that.

Yeowyong then said, when we late some day, then Govin tell us hand over our ezlink cards or go detention, then everybody will go: "No detention! No detention!" LMAO.

Went down when it was "our turn", but turned out to not be cause Fuhua has completed with 220 people already, so yeah. Happy for Fuhua and the da pai people. Jeslynn and I went to field do egg thing, I wanted to go again after going once but cannot lor so.. sigh.

After that, Tingting suggested we competed against each other 100m on the track. Sounded really fun, so went, though my pants was wet, thanks to Bushy, Eleazar and that retarded Mini Haziq (Sec 1). Yeah, then kept running lor.. Run run run and run until headache... THen ran one more round around the whole stadium and went back cause the thing ended already. We also ran past the camera while they were filming, zz..

Then keep cheer and cheer.. Went toilet and saw my face.. Like siao zhabor like that.. Then the whole thing red.. Hair also wet.. Went out and yeah, I keep seeing Summary (Zhiyong) today. Haha.. After everything, all the students suggested tmr holiday but Mdm Oen said cannot, except either late reporting to school or early dismissal.

Took phone + wallet from Ms nice Lim and went JEC with Ziqi, Bushy, Cherlyn, Jiaying and Alfred. Ate at Kobayashi, thanks to Jiaying who kept promoting that omelette cum drink meal.. Lmao haha.. She very sot one.. Then I ate Terriyaki while they all ate the omelette.. Lol..

Went home... With nobody to talk to... Didn't want to be a nuisance to anyone in my contact list so didn't call them and let alone the person I wanted to call.. Yeah...

This was a boring post.

Good Night.. God bless.. =)

P.S. Saw a lot of xiao didi and meimei there. They all so cute lor omg.. SO CUTE!! And also saw Mr Chan's child.. Very cute also lah.. Babies are all so cute and adorable..

9:51 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.