Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Happy birthday, ZIQI=)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIN ZEIKEI!!! All the best to you k, just want to let you know that you're a really really good friend=)

History and art. Dr Tan is getting more and more unreasonable. I don't see why we should see it the same way as he sees and the words "it is understood" when he hasn't meantioned a shit about getting zero if his sketchbooks are not handed in punctually.. And he would be saying I don't know what path I'm going to and that I am the person being unreasonable and everybody should be following him and calling themselves an expert... I know I'm very lousy but don't need to say until like that one right nabei...

Math after that.. Had test which went well.. Chinese after recess.. Ms Tai called my mother yesterday.. She wanted to call my father but I gave her my mum's... Science and english.. I didn't do Mr Yeo's work and he asked me very, very seriously if there was something going on in my mind... He asked me quietly..
Why are we born into this world? (29/7)
Jordan: We are all born for a great purpose.
Dennis: To get tortured.
Jianyuan: Because Cheowyi is a retard!
Diyanah: (1st answer) Because our father and mother had sex.
(2nd answer) To meet the Click Five!
Emelia: Uh... I dunno leh... -smiles happily-
Laiheng: Because - you - suck. Haha. -moody sound-
Tingting: Uh.. It is to bring joy to my family! Hahaha! -very very happy-
Jolene: (she say cannot say out)
Ziqi: Because my parents went to *! F f f f f f f f!
Mrs Tay: Wha-? Why are we born into this world arh? Why arh? I'm going to have Math lesson (with 2i1) now leh! Then what, you want to be born in Mars arh? Venus arh? Harh?! -smiles a bit- I'm going to class now, you want you ask me after school! -smiles smiles-
Nisa: Hm.. So that we will do good deeds and then sent to Heaven when we die. Yay.
Cheeyuan: It's a~ Beautiful Day! -continues singing and hands moving like he was playing guitar-
Haziq: (said: Stop flirting lah, Cheeyuan!) -he cannot hear properly- What? THe world? -then he walked away
Hazairi: -surprised and starts dancing- I don't know? -continues dancing happily-

Him: "Cheowyi.. What IS wrong with you? Do you need me to call your parents to school and call the boy down too and have a talk with the counselor?"
Me: "Huh? What... boy?" T.T

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