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Really really didn't feel like posting just now, but because of my beloved JESLYNN SOH JIAMIN!, I got back my mood to post..=)

PE did all 5 stations. Standing Broad Jump only around 168, and Shuttle Run 11sec+, but got at least a C. Sit and Reach (44cm), Incline Pull-Up (21 times), Sit-up (49 times, nabei...), so should be all A.. Next week re-running 2.4km, cause the previous timing not good enough...

Home Econs, cooked some white mee... So boring.. The other half of class baked muffins. Thanks Ziqi and Cherlyn for giving me some=) So yummy. And no thanks to Jolene for stealing the muffins from me. Push you to LMW.

Math after recess. English was quite fun, the deducing thing.. Questions 1 - 5 are given on the worksheet, and you had to come out with three questions yourself.. My paper wrote this..
1. Horace loves to swim - Horace went to the seaside - Horace refused to swim.
There were sharks in the water.
2. Jasper is a very talkative student - Jasper attended Church - Jasper was very quiet.
He is pretending to be very obedient.
3. Lola loves to drink Mango Tea - She also lvoes to drink Peach Tea - When asked to choose between the two, she is unable to do so.
She doesn't know what to choose from.
4. Horace is a very vindictive person - Ian offended Horace - Ian's table was badly vandalized.
He will "make" you back if you disturb him. (Jianyuan told me write one)
5. Michael was not his usual self - Michael loved attending Maths Lesson - Michael fell asleep during Math Lesson.
Mrs Tay is the teacher.
(But Mr Yeo saw it and told me Mrs Tay is not related to the question)
-liquids off the answer-
Therefore, Deduce: Michael is unwell.

These questions can make up yourself, then..
(I wrote the question (in orange and bold) on the board cause Mr Yeo really forced me to...)
6. A loves B. B loves A also. But C loves B.
Deduce: C is an extra...

7. James Bond eats alot. James Bond doesn't exercise. (Wanted to write: James Bond cannot fit into toilet and get stuck at door. But not good so wrote something else.) James Bond can be easily spotted because of his size.
James Bond is fat.
8. She is lame. She is crazy. She is bushy.
She is Jolene.

WHen Mr Yeo came over to me, he only saw the A B C one cause I was writing the James Bond one halfway, and let alone writing the Jolene one, which I didn't know what to write already so I wrote that. WHo ask her talk so much. Hanbin! Haha, anyway, Mr Yeo told me to write lor..

Really didn't want cause I found it very lame then later the whole class thinks.. I don't know... But he forced me to so I wrote that and the class began laughing one by one. But please do note that I don't mean anything.. I mean.. It's just something I thought up of.. No other intentions...

After English was Chinese.. Teacher would start calling the parent/s of the students (who failed the chinese chengyu test) next week... Yeah.. How great is that huh....

After school went cheese fries.. Javan and the 2i1 girls also came.. Lol funny guy.. Then went Singapore Poly the stadium.. LMAO AT JOTHAM! HE WAS CHAO FUNNY. The Yonglay also lor, lol! Valencia cannot stand them, hahaha. Jeslynn and I keep laughing. He did the kiapkiap action at the ______, jumped and sang: Happy Birthday to...

LOL! Please it was super funny. Lololololol.

And Jeslynn run 42 seconds. SLOWPOKE. Laugh over nothing. Hahahahha. Ok ok joking. Went Pizza Hut around 6+. Felt very tired. Reached home around 8.


Friends are the best.

Especially the ones who make you laugh.
Like today. Jeslynn, Bushy, JOTHAM, Yonglay, Hanbin, Sally laoren, (mini) Haziq, (actual-size) Haziq, Cheeyuan, Shinan, Yingkiat, and of course, Mingwei. Lol.

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