Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Jeslynn loves her baby elephant!=D

THIS SONG IS __________ NICE LEH!!! Because it's Euro 2008 de song omfg omg omggggg. Heard it on radio today then keep zi high. So nice, reminds me of GERMANY AND PODOLSKI!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Anyway, today was another nice day=)

Art did block painting. The paint so dry. Chinese then ME, but went hall for the egg selection instead. But already inside so went to play play. Bushy, Cherlyn, Tingting got in=D Baika (cheeyuan) never cause teacher see he baika ma, but fake de lor.. Azhar walk until so sexy. "Slow and steady wins the race" then he shake his ass. Lmao!!

Ran a lot of times with the others. About 100m then my first try was 26 sec lor.. Eleazar kept beating me. Final I think was a tie. Haziq sibei noisy, say "Woah, CHeowyi run for _________" -.- Lamo, go up stage lah you. Haha. Recess then science. Test was easy, but won't score well cause I studied last minute...

English boring. Math ok lah. Then that aizhen... Smack her lah. Then gu yi walk past two times front and back and made Mrs Tay call "Cheowyi! Are you doing the question!" cause I was looking at that aizhen, she lor! After school went Jurong Primary for tutoring. Bushy call me go so I replaced Tan tan. As in, Ian.

Quite fun actually. Play taiti a while before the thing started. Please lah Tingting and Bushy, I better ok xD Not like some people get so many ti still cannot win, hahaha. Jkjk=) Tutored a malay guy and girl. THe girl very sweet and nice ok, then the guy super funny and playful. Haha! He has two dimples at his cheeks! Then realised Jordan tutored him. He likes Jordan, omg!

Raining after that=( But nvm, cos have Nisa's super umbrella!=D

MR PEANUT CHUA WEIHAO, must get well hor! Must be high again! And better don't pass it to Bushy! She keeps complaining xD Take care! Baika also get the flu away, haha=)

There's nothing I could do if he _____________ soon... =|

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