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222th post.

222th post
Oh shit... It's true... Die le die le...

Ianchow and his "it's liddat cheowyi!!!" quiz again.. lol..=)

01.What's more important ?
To me lor.

2.Do you ever turn ur cell phone off ?
No, sometimes only, and when no batt le lor..

03.What happened at 10.00am today ?
I think I was still sleeping.. Very sleepy ok I tell you..

04.When did you last cry ?
When I saw the message...

05.What is your favourite thing to eat with peanut butter ?
Bread lor..

06.What do you want your life right now ?
Happiness everyday=)

07.Do you carry umbrella when it rains ,or just put up your hood ?
Umbrella so heavy.. Unless other people have umbrella to share.. If drizzling then just walk lor.. Then if very heavy run lor..

08.What is the favourite thing to have on your bed ?

09.What are you doing now ?
Using Cherlyn's cousin's laptop to do this thing lor.. Just now playing audi until so shiok then her parents came back le lol..

10.What is your nicest text in you inbox say ?
Tell you meh...=)

11.Do you tend to make a relationship complicated ?
You think I want uh..

12.Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone ?
Uh, no..

13.What was the last movie you caught ?
Forgotten.. I think Narnia..

14.What are you proud of ?

15.What was the oldest text in your indox say ?
"Gd morning sotong xD"... Lol...=)

16.If you hav a chance to migrate where will you migrate to ?

17.Do you have any nickname ?
Question 15 there..

18.What does your last recieved message say ?
"you coming? =) or I go" sent by Geek Geek Geek.

19.What time do you do to bed last night ?
Huh.. If you mean "go to bed", then it was around 11+ or 12+ lor..

20.Are you currently happy ?

21.Who gives you best advice ?
My heart..

22.Do you eat wipped cream straight from the can ?
Siao.. Unless I really feel like eating cream lah..

23.Who did you tok to on phone last night ?
Last night.. FOrgot.. Tingting or Geek or somebody..

24.Is anything bugging you right now ?
No.. Cos Cherlyn's sister is eating now hahaha.

25.What/Who was the last thing / person to make you laugh ?
Her sister lor haha..

26.Do you wear toe socks ?
I didn't know such things existed..

27.Who was the last person you missed a call from ?

28.Have you ever had your heartbroken ?

29.What annoys you most in a person ?
Their attitude...

30.Do you a crush on anyone ?
Can don't answer..

31.Have you ever done cocaine ?
Huh what lai de..

32.What is the colour of your room ?
I dunno.. I don't go notice one.. Should be white..

33.Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollar ?
Would you believe me if I said no...

34.Do you believe in the saying ' talk in cheap ' ?

35.Who was the last person lie in your bed ?
Me lah then you meh..

36.Who was the last person to hug you ?

37.Did anyone see the last person you kissed ?
I haven't kissed any human being before...

38.Do you have a life ?

39.Have you ever think of someone died , when they really didn't ?
In my dreams.. As in, seriously, it was in my dreams..

40.What is the reason behind your profile song ?
Nice ma..

41.Who was the last person saw in your dream ?
Dunno.. Forgot..

42.Last time you smiled ?
-smiles- I just smiled..

43.Have you changed this year ?
How would I know..

44.What are you listening now ?
Nothing.. Cherlyn pressed the mute button..

45.Are you talking to someone when doing this ?
No.. Everybody's eating, except for her brother also using com..

46.Do you walked with your eyes open or closed ?
Open, please lah..

47.Is there a quote you live by ?
Why should I..

48.Do you want someone you cant have ?

49.Do you ever play an instrument ?

50.What was the worst idea you have this week ?

51.What were doing last night at 11.00pm ?
Forgot lah.. Either using com or doing Mrs Tay's homework.. Kns only finished like 2 questions and still need 16 more and tmr before recess her lesson le.. I really dunno how to do ok...

52.Are you happy with your love right now ?

53.What song best decribes your love life ?
FOrgot forgot forgot.. I mean that's not the song name.. I forgot..

54.Does the person know that you like him/her ?
Ask him lor....

55.Who always make you laugh ?

56.Do you speak other language other than English ?
Chinese lor..

57.Favourite website ?
Don't have...

58.What your middle name ?

59.What are you doing tomorrow ?
You see what I do tomorrow lor..

60.What do you think you are like ?
I'm happy.. Happy.. Happy..

61.Who will you choose to die with ?
If I am the person who wants to die, why should I pull other people along with me... Isn't that being too selfish.. -.- Unless the person also wants to die.. Then die with that person lor...

62.Where had you been today ?
Cherlyn's house and still here..

63.What game do you often play ?
Computer games jiu shi audi lor..

64.What you missing right now ?
There would be an answer for "who", but no answer for "what"..

65.If you have to choose between friends and loves ,who will you choose ?

66.What are you wearing now ?
Shirt and pants..

67.Which primary school are you from ?
Princess Elizabeth Primary School=)

68.Name 3 colours that you like ?
Purple, white, skyblue.. Orange quite nice also actually..

69.What emotion you like to show ?

70.What is your life to you ?

71.If you have something troubling you , what will you do ?
1. Bang my head into my pillow and scream.. But also won't hear any sound.. That's the point..
2. Blog..
3. Think it over..

72.Who did you last chat in msn today ?
Sarah.. Haha..

73.Who you admire most ?
Couples who could last forever..

74.Which month are you born in ?

75.How are you feeling right now ?
Like that lor..

76.What is the time now ?

77.Where are you now ?
Cherlyn's house..

78.What colour did you use to dye hair ?
Never tried before..

79.What is the highest alcholic percentage you had consume ?
Just drink lor.. Care so much for what..

80.What do you do when you are moody ?
Listen to songs.. Call someone..

81.At which age you want to get marry ?
Hopefully 10years later.. Can't imagine myself marrying ok.. Then wear the funny gown.. Then walkwalkwalk along the what red carpet.. Then.. Kiss.. T.T MALU LAH! Don't marry so fast better, but later too old le lol.. Or don't marry lor.. Lol.. Ok ok just pretend I didn't say anything..

82.Who is more important to you ?
Lol.. Dunno..

83.Do you think you have confident ?
Confidence.. No..

84.Who is the person you most trust the most ?

85.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain ?
It is true lor..

86.If you have a dream come true , what will it be?
World peace..

87.What is your goal for this year ?

88.Do you believe in eternity love ?

89.What feeling do you love most ?
Happy lah then what..

90.Do you really think is Global warming now ?
Of course.. And we are all gonna die soon..

91.What feeling you hate most ?
Sad sad sad... Sad is different from emo k I don't care.. I don't like people calling me emo when I'm just.. I dunno.. Just don't call me emo..

92.Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
I wish I could..

93.Do you believe in god?

94.Who cares you the most ?
Dunno.. Is there even people who care..

95.What do you think is the most important thing in your life ?

96.What will you bring when you fight ?
Fight for what, lame... You want me bring what I bring for you see lor..

97.What have you done regretted in your life ?
A lot of things..

98.What would you feel that everyone no longer cares you ?

99.What if your stead two-timed you ?
... He has his every right to do so, but I will NEVER EVER speak to him again...

100.What will you do if you lie to your friend ?
Guilty.. Unless it's for something good..

Remove any 1 question from the above and add in your own personal message and bold it .
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People to do this quiz :

1. Geek. She don't do she die. -Geek is laughing now-
2. The same people I tagged for the quiz before this lor..
3. Anyone..

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