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Nice day..

Played Dodgeball during PE.. History then english.. Aizhen told me sth which made Mr Yeo call me to follow him during recess cause I was very disturbed during class.. He asked me if I had any relationship problems.. He kept repeating the same questions about that.. And made me feel so embarrassed..

Dr Tan lesson after recess.. Good that he never scold me, note down my name, and god know what he wants to do... Next was math.. Duty roster(?) said it was Jordan and me to do the cleaning of classroom.. No broom and dustpan and she wanted me to get from other classes.. 2i3 don't have.. Told her that..

"I don't care, you better go around searching for a broomstick and dustpan until you find one, or else you have to use your hands to pick up the pencil shavings around the dustbin yourself!"

So I bent down and picked up the dirty stuff myself.. Sian... Cause I didn't want to go to other classes..

Chinese last period.. Spelling was - .. Chengyu test was better than the last time but I didn't fill the bottom part of the first page of the paper..

She: "Zhao Qi! Kong de!" (ie Empty..)
Me: "Yin wei wo zhi shi xue yi ge bu fen ma..."
She: "Ni da bu liao jiao zheng ban xue yi ban de cheng yu jiu ok le.. Wo yin gai he ni de ba ba hao hao de tan yi tan!"


After school played Blackjack and went front porch.. Did the egg thing lor.. We are considered as volunteers what the hell.. Not lor.. Is Mr Chan tell us go de.. Instead of "others" or "volunteers", I think they should classify us as "special".. Lol, I know its very what lah, but really ma..

Haisong and Javan are so, so funny..

Then for no reason there was this.. Cut/slit whatever it is on my leg.. Cheena told me that.. After a while Ms Lim came and saw and asked me what happened.. I also dunno.. She wanted me to go wash the cut around the corner of the field where Alfred was sitting at that time, but didn't go.. Then..

Javan: "Ni kan lah, you do one right!" (nudges Yinjunhao)
Yinjunhao: "What happened?"
Ms Lim: "How would I know what happened.. You should go ask __(name)__ instead.."

Then they all laughed lor.. Ms Lim lor..

After school went for a Yam Ice Blended and Fries with Jeslynn.. Had a nice time=)


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