Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Bushy, changed the blog song for you... Yuck face... =)

(Temporary number for one/two weeks is 91****82.. Just telling you its not 83****33 that one... Just now was using Sarah's hp.. You want the new temp number ask me personally or something lor..)

Today had art, history, math then recess, english, chinese, LSA. Nothing much, but I missed LSA again=( Went to St Andrew's Junior College for the prize presentation with Mdm Oen and Mr Salizam.. She's very weird.. Don't feel like saying so much.. Did a few rehearsals and 800+ people sat in the air-conditioned hall at 230pm.

The MOE guy came and gave us the prizes.. So embarrassing in front.. He's quite nice actually and so were the people there.. You want to know what's the prize ask me lor... Anybody really want anything from Borders tell me if can I buy for you lor.. Went Safra after that in Mr Salizam's car again.. They just reached there too I think..

Only top three in nationals can get medals there.. All from RGS.. Zzz.. They say zoner will be given in school during prize presentation.. Took many photos and the whole shooting club went high together lol.. But now not high le so don't know how to express..

Took train to City Hall while the others took bus.. Jayda got her stuff from the tall girl and we ran around until we reached Seoul Garden at Marina Square.. Ms Chan SY treated us all woohoo.. Fun time there also.. Ms Chan SY, Ms Jo Chan, Mr P. Chandra and Mr Lee FK (I mean Fong King) were there.. Lol.. LFK damn what lor.. say my results are like wild cards.. and said he bet I'm only lucky to have shot 382 this time round....

Went around shops with Soksan, Jayda, Darren.. Took train back and reached home at 945pm..

I just cannot control myself.....

11:02 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.