Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Jeslynn, don't like that leh, cheer up please!=(
Azhar, MUST GET WELL SOON NOW! Hope to see you looking like yourself on tuesday=)

Went to see the table tennis players just now while waiting for Cherlyn until about 7pm. Haha, then Kristie and Ian chow came, and Ian kept sending pictures of Peter and Narnia when I mentioned Peter is handsome, and Kristie argued that Prince Caspian looks better. Lol!

Very fun time just now, and Sally, Sarah everybody all a bit sot one lol! Sarah lah, keep doing catwalk, then laugh laugh laugh until she stomach pain.

Went to bubble tea shop with Cherlyn after that and saw Muhammad, Hairul, Hazairi, I think that blowjob Haziq and dunno still have who and the orh lulu guy! THen they keep shouting someone's name, lol.. HAHA Cherlyn keep laughing at the orh lulu guy can, then make me laugh also. Then the bubble tea auntie keep asking us why we laughing at him then she want to know! Lol!

And I going kuku le lah! Almost the whole class is playing maple! THis is so annoying lah! Sooner or later the whole class (except Jocelyne and Bushy these kind of people) would be playing. Even Dennis, Summary, Huilun these kind of people also play..

That's all..

I want to talk to you.

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