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First day of Term 3.

Today was quite nice.

Was late for school today because I woke up late and everything. Mr Govin was like," You are terrrribly late." Lmao. Reached classroom at around 8.15 and Ms Dai asked me why I was so late then she was smiling laughing smiling. I think she was in a really good mood.


Alfred was retarded. Gave Haziq the Blow Job sign and when he saw it, he kept laughing like hell and I told him (obviously not in a serious manner) that if he didn't like it then return back to me and he was like no no no. Lol, he loves it can. Cheeyuan also asked me where I bought it.

Cheeyuan: Then you go to the cashier and say (in his Cheeyuan kind of voice, you know, the funny funny type), "I love blow job!" -laughs and then turns serious- The person at the cashier.. is a man uh?

Lol. So yeah, I missed morning assembly and joined the class for the two periods of form teacher period and then two periods of chinese, followed by recess. Went to find Mr Govin for the ez-link card because Darryl and Jeslynn said something about the shooters needing to pass it up for some whatever reason.

DIdn't manage to find him, and went for Home Econs. That.. Ms Tan (or dunno what's her name anyway) was our teacher, and Miss Agnes(?) Chan was the HE teacher for the other half of the class. HE was ok, then Jeron Laiheng Huilun Jordan Cheeyuan whoever lor were saying something about.. Gaymon. Some kind of game, hahaha. Hahaha. Joking.

Had two periods of free time while the other half of the class were doing the chocolate corn flakes. Bushy gave me one in class and it tasted delicious. Before I reached class, found Mr Govin and got the card back from him, though he told me still need do detention.

Gave it to Darryl from the back door of 2i4. Limhuien still owes me my cheap sweets, and marshmallows/marshmellows. After HE was.. uh.. oh science. Then went detention and Huien did prefect duty, although she didn't intend to go. Mr Govin brought me, Bushy and Cherlyn (they went detention with me), to the general office, whatever that place is called..

Moved boxes here and there and carried the heavy stuff inside them.

Mr Govin: This one's too heavy. I help you carry.. OOOOOOOOOOOF.
(LMAO, Cherlyn is laughing now. Ok, not like so kua zhang, maybe just an oooooooof. Like that..)

Mdm Oen came and said Bushy has too bushy hair -.- Then Mr Phor came, with his you know that egg face. It's a compliment cause eggs have nutritions. Then 15min le and Mr Govin wanted us to do more but it was too much so he let us off. He's nice lol. Took bus around 230 or earlier until Bushy's stop and got down..
And wanted to go back to school again..
because I forgot to give Mrs Tay my homework!

Bushy walked one big round, rofl noob lah she. Noob noob noob~ You this blue brown bear clip.. x) Ate ice kachang and chicken rice for lunch with Cherlyn and walked to school, around JEC complex and sat there for an hour or so. My phone ran out of batt after that. But used her phone, as in changed SIM card.

Returned school. The classrooms were empty. Yangda (lol, ian) was the only person who had the ma ma bu shi whatever mu de worksheet undone and could photocopy for us, after I called his house, so that was wonderful. Went to staff room to find Mrs Tay. Realised Ms Lim's table is beside hers.

She nagged a bit only! =)

Mrs Tay: Why you hand up so late? Hai. You class arh, so messy. One here one there. Some havent pass up some dunno go where. Hai. But there's one good thing about your class. Because you all handed up my homework without me telling you to do so.

(Gives the "Mrs Tay's trademark smile", and held it there for quite some time =))

Went home finally with Cherlyn. Bought drinks from the Mama Shop and sat at the seats around there to drink, and tried to throw the drinks into the dustbin form a distance. Kongwee (his name right!) came, stared at us while walking to the bus stop or somewhere, and said, "So wu liao, this one also fun."

Great day. THe clouds and sky are getting prettier and more beautiful each and every day.

THis post should be considered long enough.

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