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2i2, take note.. Jordan said the class outing to Escape Theme Park is set on 19 June (thursday).. If you're interested in going, ask him for further details.. If you don't have his number, can ask me.. He told me to spread this to the 2i2 people.. Thanks..

"IF your mother and a girl/guy you love a lot are both drowning in the water at the same time, not knowing how to swim, and you could save only one of them, what would you do..."

THis is a frequently asked question, but I still decided to ask people what they'd do.. Different people have different answers.. This is proof... (Cherlyn huay+shuar+shuo+tlc, I didn't spell it "proff".. Hah..)

Cherlyn: -lost of words- Jump into the water and drown with them.
Alfred: Throw a floating device (life buoy) to his mum who knows how to swim and personally save the girl he loves.
Soksan: Both will die cause she doesn't know how to swim. Lol.
Muhammad: Depends. If he is going to dump the girl soon, now would be a perfec time to do so. If not, he would save the girl, because she had her turn for making love and she herself said she hopes she would die faster so she would look pretty on the other side.
Javan: Save his mother (like duh, he said), because love liao at most can find another girl.
Jeslynn: (Asked her face-to-face) Jump into the water and drown with them.
Wenhui: Would try to save both of them no matter what because they are people very important to him. If there's no other ways, he may risk his life if i can help save two of them. (He said it sounded a bit dramatic, lol)
Ian: Get a friend to help him? Throw life buoys down? He must and have to save both of them because if not for his mum he wouldn't be here and for the girl he loves, he loves her so, yea.
Weiliang: Sit there and watch -.-
Bangguo: Don't know, but he knows that this wouldn't happen.
Darryl: First, he said "I'll save you". Then he gave a more serious answer, and said see who needed more help in that situation.
Derek: He'll try to save both. If he fails, he will drown to death too but die without regrets.
Shinan: "I would die with them!" Cause both of them are people he love, so he'd rather die with them than just save one person only.
Diyanah: She'll save her mum, then the girl/guy.. (and she stopped here)
Yeowyong: Save mother. "The old answer would be, in this life, you could only have a mother, but you can have many boy/girl friends."

WHy are you like this... Why are you like this... Why are you like this...


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