Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Sometimes, it's really hard to know what it is on someone's mind... Over a day, they can change from such a bubbly and lively so-called close friend into someone who wouldn't talk to you anymore, or in otherwards, a total stranger... What's the past, is the past... Nothing could be done to it and history can never change itself anymore... It was my fault I took it for granted... What's the point of everything now when it's all over... Large amount of tears streaming down uncontrollably but that is just what it would happen sooner or later... Technology change, the future changes and perhaps it goes the same for people and feelings... Maybe I'm wrong... Maybe you haven't changed and I'm only being too suspicious... But if that's not the case, then I don't know what it is... It is no use asking tons of silly questions over and over again, because there is NEVER AN ANSWER TO ANY OF THESE STUPID THINGS... LOVE IS SUCH A PAIN AND I'M TRYING MY BEST TO GET OVER EVERYTHING AND STOP BEING SUCH AN IDIOT BUT MY HEART DOES NOT THINK THE SAME AS THE WAY MY MIND THINKS, THEN WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO... IT'S NOT AS IF I LIKE BEING LIKE THIS OK... YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND DO YOU GET MY IDEA!!!

Germany won earlier on today... So glad... HOpe Cheeyuan would come to know one day that Germany players aren't a bunch of horses, Ballack doesn't have a blown-up face and that Podolski is definitely not a giraffe... At least I think they're still better than the group of hippopotamus(es) in Russia... Maybe they're not, but that's because Cheeyuan supports them so...

Eleazar farted during PE today... Change of seating arrangements... Sitting beside Dennis, right in front of the teacher's table... Hope she change our seats again one day... Mrs Tay punished me during lesson time and scolded me loudly when I went to find her because she told me to...

Went Safra in Mdm Yee's car (Soksan, Christine, Yeowyong, Kaixin, Huiwen)... Justin from ACI was so irritating, but he has a funny character... so does Mr. Heartshape whom Soksan loves... the ACI shooters were such lively people... Shooting Mock competition this saturday night, real competition next wednesday... Last detail...


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