Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Wanted to call you, but you should be sleeping already...
I must have been crazy to have wanted to call you...

LAN 2hr. Soksan passed audi license for me. After that, didn't shoot well. Deproved by 10marks. Got 368. Wasn't able to concentrate (and not because of LAN, please) and partly because I didn't take my Lane 11 which affected me too. So disappointed in myself...
Told Soksan the story of Sky of Love. She teared.
And Jared, lol, I won't throw my socks at you.

Took train with Soksan, Christine and Chongwai. Lol, they cheered me up. And so did Bushy, whom I called when going home on bus around 11. Then she used her house phone call me back and chatted with me until I reached home. Thanks, burger =) Couldn't get through Ian Tan's phone cause it was off.

Came home, bathed and watched the first match of Euro 2008. Czech won Switzerland 1-0. Frei was very ke lian =( Hope he still can play for the other matches =( Czech had one or two hand balls (that's what you call them if I'm not wrong) and the referee didn't see. So sad so sad, I wanted Switzerland to win =(

Cannot watch the Portugal match because my dad signed up that channel today I think, so we can only start watching tomorrow. The Czech v Switz is free for those who signed up some Starhub Channels, and I have Cartoon Network and all those, so yeah.

I'm getting to appreciate C. Ronaldo more and more.

Ok, and one last thing. Allan wanted me to help him "intro" his blogshop, so here it goes. And since I'm doing it for him, I might as well do it for Jayda, too.

Allan's blogshop: CLICK.
Well, it does sound a bit weird, because he said he couldn't think of anything else. Haha. His blogshop a lot of chio bu's face, so any guys who are interested can go see =)
Jayda's blogshop: CLICK.
Hers is a bit different from Allan's, I guess. Her items are random, which includes - Hot shorts, spectacles, tees and uh, bras.

Yeah, I'm not tired yet but I have nothing else to add. Good night. Or maybe morning.

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