Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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In Genting(?), Malaysia now, some Cyber place. Yesterday reach le, ate lunch around 4+ and played arcade with my bro de this machine which can catch toys one lmao. Damn cute okay, I caught three medium-sized dices (pink, white, blue) and this toy cat. Then caught a yellow ducky which I liked alot but gave it to a little girl instead cause she loved it ma. Then her father gave me another one of the white dice he caught in exchange. The girl cute ok she was like," Xie xie! "

My dad went around the whole of Genting(?) to find a place which has cable TV or whatever because the hotel room cheepo don't have lor. Then want upgrade also fully booked. So around 11+ slept and at 230am went to Sports Book with him, which only allowed people above 18 years old, but they didn't say anything so nvm lah =)


The match was very, very exciting. So many portugal fans there and like the only one shouting happily when Germany won. So malu lah, but at least they won. VERY HAPPY OK! =) The first goal was when PODOLSKI(!!!) kicked the ball to that Schweinsteiger white hair guy (his name so long I dunno lah) and he scored. Second was an offside(?) one by Klose but never kena see by referee wahahaha! Third was Ballack during the corner kick is it?

Yesterday C. Ronaldo looked very pissed. There was once he was very furious and you should have seen his expression.

Today Croatia v Turkey most probably maybe Croatia will win, and the winning team/whatever will be against Germany. Aha, germany is in semi-finals le woohoo woohoo.

Talking to Bushy now. Haha. That yuck face.

Hope to see you soon.

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