Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Ok, 2i2, here's the latest. Jordan said to meet him and Remy(?) at 10.45am at JEC Popular on 19 June. Then you guys will go Escape Theme Park together, and yeah that's all. Remember to bring lots and lots of water and also lots and lots of money, ok =) Please help tell those people who don't know about this outing.

Anything ask Jordan. I have his number. His email is Hope you guys have fun =)


Sorry for the lack of updates.

  • Today is Kristie's super day!
  • Happy Father's Day!
  • I feel perhaps Portugal and Netherlands will end up in the football finals.
  • Podolski still rocks! =)=)=)
  • I love the World Cup 2006's best player =)=)=) Zidane's the best~
  • The timings for Euro 2008 now are all at 245am all the way to the finals, so late so late...
  • The finals is on monday, 30th June. Hope I won't be late for school on that day.
  • Ricky is taller than me already! (he was like laughing happily)
  • Ricky is a malaysian too.
  • Christine, Tingting and Jayda are overseas now.
  • Jordan and maybe Kohjiaying is back =)
  • Are you sure Vampire Knight is nice..?
  • JJ rocks and (to Jayda and Soksan) he is not a pig ok!
  • Shot 359 for NUS Invitational Shot...
  • A few weeks to shooting competition.
  • Saw alot of Ramly (BUSHY) burgers at the Pasar Malam near JEC =)
  • Mr Lee dressed until super funny yesterday at Safra.
  • Trenna is a noob (xD) who loves my green tea ice cream!
  • There's a black patch on my handphone screen T.T
  • Sorry Geek for not being able to work with you =(
  • "I Will Be Very Good To You" is super nice!
  • Soksan (love lijunjie) more suaku ok =)
  • I pity Sweden(country, not that ahma)'s goalkeeper's chin.
  • This coming week would be a busy week.
  • One more week to finish many homework..
  • One more week to the last day of the June holidays..
  • One more week to school reopening..
  • One more week to seeing school..
  • One more week to seeing the principal..
  • One more week to seeing the teachers..
  • One more week to seeing schoolmates..
  • One more week to seeing classmates..
  • One more week to seeing you...


    One more week to go.

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