Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Christine, is this post long enough? =)

I just saw the Ben Xiang Jian Li Shi on Channel 8 and PEPS was on air. Stands for Princess Elizabeth Primary School. Saw Mr Adib, Mr Choy, Ms Wang and Mrs Ngiam. Rofl. She looks so funny =)

I love PEPS~

Even though they lost, they're always the best. Wahahahahahaha!


Nothing much happened today, except for the 1hr lecture by Coach! -grumbles- She spent about 15min scolding C Girls. There was a moment of that 1hr when she pointed at me and said,"Ni na tian hao xiang ye se de bu cuo. Ni gao shu wo, na shi ni de xin qing shi zen me yang? (You seem to shoot quite well on that day right. Tell me, how did you feel that time?)" (Something like that)

I stun tio lor. So many people there also got other school's shooters. Then all the faces turned up at me cos we were sitting at the back row. I looked at the board: Nervous. Pressure. So I didn't know what to say, then I was like,"OK lah..." (I mean, that was really how I felt ma..)

Coach wrote on the board. "Ok la"

Lots of the people laughed and Coach laughed herself too. So malu.. Then she ask ask ask then I was like ya ya ya.

Mock competition this sat I think. Yihan would treat me Sakae if I shot a >380. -eyes twinkle- I like the green tea ice cream there =)

On the way home on the train, while Jayda was busy with her keychain, I heard two women talking about relationships. Then she said something which went,"I believe that when it comes to love & having a relaationship, if that person was meant to be for/with you from the start, he would some day."

She meant that if you and him are meant to be, fate will bring them together.

You might not get what I mean, but well, yea, I heard what she said and I think she has a point...

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