Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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I like you... too?

I'm super high now. Wahahahahhahahahahha~

Today was nice =)

Geog and lit super sian lor. Read the book read read read until want die like that lor. Then chinese also quite boring, I forgot what happened. I just remembered Cheeyuan kept singing: We are family~ And Dai lao shi scold him.

Got back english results cause Mr Yeo finally came. I PASSED MY OVERALL LOR scare me to death. Mr Yeo lor, shook his head when he returned me my paper, then I saw the results was a pass and he laughed when I scolded him. Omg, Suuu-mer-ry (Zhiyongisadog) got highest for summary can. He got 24/25 lah. But I got 23 and I was super happy. Failed some other tests, so was glad when I knew I passed overall. I was like dancing in class but nevermind lah.

Then I wrote the Cookie Cream thing for the report. As in there were names like Flour, Cookie, Cream, Salt, Pepper then dunno have what lah. Cheeyuan wrote the 'I am Ping Pong Piang'. The teacher who marked the papers had no sense of humour and failed us lor what the hell. Some more Mr Yeo read them out to our class and even to 2i3.

Went to Science lab for science. I got 49.5 so Mr Chan will pass me in the report book but I still have to do that zzz retest because those below 50 must do. Damn. The experiment was quite nice, though. The rainbow colours were so pretty =) Then the stupid Eleazar Cheeyuan Haziq ALfred they all keep saying about my paper about the three cervix thing. No time to say that now, will say it on Saturday.

Anyway, the Captain's Ball match was super nice and hilarious can! HAHAHA. Especially Jordan. Sally kept laughing like mad also. And Jayda scored own goal hahaha super funny. A lot of things happened but lazy to say lah. But this was what made me so high when I got home. And hope Kristie recovers from the sprain (Jordan says: London Bridge is falling down!) and that Jeron won't get so angry. Dunno why he needed to be so pissed.

Went to bubble tea shop with Cherlyn before going home. The aunty recognised me rofl. Some Sec 2 weirdos knew my name and I didn't know why. Then they kept laughing lor. And the clumsy geek (hahaha!) dropped her coffee milk tea and the aunty was very kind to make another one for her. Haha.

Audi a while when I got home. So malu lor. THe com keep lag and kept missing, so it's like so blah like that. Dinner was chicken rice, like the bodoh person. By tomorrow must recover already ok. 关心 you rofl. Haha whatever.

WELL DONE 2i2! We are the champions still, whether we won or lose. You guys rock lah ok! Ahhhhhhhhh so happy!! =)

(And tingting & Cheeyuan went: PING PIANG! xD)

6:58 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.