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Last day of Term 2 =(


Today was quite fun.

Started off with class bonding. You can read what happened at the class blog posted by Sally or what Kristie posted at her blog. Ok, so first up was the SPS Butt game. Jeslynn and I got the chairs ready and they played. So glad to see the class not feeling bored but enjoying the games =)

Next was the so-called 'step-the-balloon' game. I had a purple balloon! Was one of the last few girls to have thir balloons burst. Cheeyuan stepped on it lor, grrrr, and he was still so happy. Ate tidbits after that. Luckily the detention thing was a fake. Anyway, just got one big packet of my favourite BBQ potato chips from Summary (zhiyong) because he just happened to have them, and he just gave it to me. Thanks, Summary!

Then there was the fruit game? Jeron and Cherlyn, haha. Did practically nothing until 950 and went to change for PE. Ian Tan Yang Da (bian)'s a snake!!! PE was fun. Was in Kristie's group. Thank you CHIN ZEIKEI(!!!) for the lollipop =) During recess, continued playing and 2i1 guys joined in. It was fun just watching them play. And Wenhui said something really funny which made Kristie and I laugh, but I forgot what he said already. It was something which was meant to scold Javan when he thundered.

Changed and went up for English. Cheeyuan was still laughing because of the balloon thing. Went to hall for assembly at around 1130. The weather was damn hot and the announcements were boring. Jolene stupid lah. Hoot her. Lol, (imitates Summary:) Siao bushy, you know you hit my leg until orh qeh leh. Lol feel like killing you now!

Went to Mac after school with Soksan, Joelly and Christine. Ate McFlurry and realised that it contains more of the 'total grams' than medium fries! Went back and sat at the front porch as they brought the weapons down. Saw him. Got everything into the bus and left for Safra around 2.

Just sat at the sofas in the shooting place (dunno call what lah..) and talked to Soksan, Christine, Sweden, Jaryl, YY blahblah. Sweden and Jaryl's arm wrestling were good. Lol Swenden was lame. Soksan kept playing with my phone and using it to sms, lol that lamo. Keep want see shuai guy. Like, Chuan Heng? =)

Then the NCC cadets came. Lol.. Junhao stare at me like he saw wrong person like that.. after that he kept laughing. Lol. Then Christine called Lam Junyuan over, haha. Then they went over to around the corner there to sit I think. Then we went to check the detail for shooting tomorrow.

Went to buy drinks at 7-11, and came back. Go the counter or whatever place to ask if there were any lanes available at that time. Then the people very long then went away lor. So irritating, make me stand there so long. -.- Went to bus stop with Christine to find Soksan. Took bus to the MRT station and took train to JEC. Haziq said the prank calls were from Chuan Heng? Imagine if I told Soksan that tomorrow. She'd be so happy =)

Ncc cadets - such unique people. Lol.

Shooting at Safra tomorrow with an afternoon detail and Sunday for monthly shoot around five plus to seven. Yes, I love the aircon. Going earlier to da arcade all those. Diao, Sweden told us only people above 18 can play pool or something.

Damn. I hate the holidays!!! =(

I will miss you...

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