Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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I hope Aizhen cheers up =)

Yesterday was Mother's Day and Sihong's birthday.
Happy Mother's Day to Mum and all the great mothers in the world. And, Happy Birthday to Sihong, too =)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOCELYN TAN JIN LE. HAHAHA. Hope you have a fun time at Swiss Cottage. Looking forward to meeting you again, you idiot =)

Thank you...
Ian for the dancing Spongebob & Patrick.
Nisa for the underwater sea creature.
Ziqi for the card, keychain and present.
Jeslynn for the present.

Today was filled with lots of moodswings.

Had reading in the hall because the parade square was wet. It was goddamn hot and suddenly felt like building a few more ozone layers around Earth if I could to prevent the heat from coming in and burning me. Chinese after that. Ms Dai scolded us for some twenty minutes and I actually passed both listening and paper 2. Super happy, but Kristie told me that I should not be so contented with marks which aren't that good. I guess she's right.

Lit was boring. Recess was boring. ME was boring. And music lesson was the most boring... Mrs Low didn't come (again), and the whole class was in chaos. It was (tells myself to refrain from using vulgarities) very very, very annoying and they were just simply not being considerate to the people in other classes and the people in their own class.

I was feeling extremely pissed & irritated with them, and sad & emotional over something else. So I sat at my place and either stared at thin air or hid my face under my arms. Sorry to those people whom I didn't answer when you were talking to me during that time. I just felt so ... nevermind...

DNT was quite boring too. Tingting and Jordan helped me in the practical and I was just hanging around. Failed my DNT paper. Perhaps this would make some people very glad because they've finally, or something, won/beat their enemy in the exams. Probably they're feeling really proud of themselves now, because they might have just experienced a sense of achievement.

Went to arena (or whatever it's called) with Huien, Sweden, Christine, Joelly and Lam -laughs- Yuan. The bowling alley was closed and the pool (whatever it's called, also) was fully booked. So we went back to Jurong Point and had lunch. They left first and I went to The Wallet Shop with Huien a while, and went home.

There's finally math tomorrow. Even if some people aren't happy, I'm really delighted and I'm looking forward to dear Mrs Tay's lessons =) She was super sweet today.


I don't know what's happening. But you keep on appearing and lingering in my mind, and that's super annoying and distracting. I'm trying my best to get rid of you out of my mind, by all means, but why the hell do I keep thinking of you everytime?!?!?!?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This thing is driving me cuckoo...


Aizhen isn't feeling so good nowadays. I really hope she cheers up and not let the people around her worry for her.


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