Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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I hate holidays.

Lessons nowadays are like so boring, but to me, it's not worse than the stupid long holidays. Especially when you don't get to see the people around you for a long, long period of time...

I think there was 5 free periods. Jinfei was really funny lol. Then two periods or so were spent on arm wrestling because Eleazar wanted to arm wrestle with me. I won Alfred (left hand), Jeron (left hand?), Eleazar (right hand). Jordan and Cheeyuan won me. Cheeyuan is strong. Laiheng is stronger, didnt dare arm wrestle with him. I think Muhammad's the strongest..

Shot shooting mock competition just now. 357/400 or something like that.. I really wish somebody would just fix an air conditioner in the range. Burning weather + no air con + must wear those thick jackets = so ________ hot! Used up around 2 packets of tissue from Darryl.

Tomorrow's the last day of school, followed by four weeks long of june holidays.. I'd rather run 5km everyday or shoot at Safra (not school -so hot) at least four times a week instead of having the holidays!!

I hope the last day of school would turn out fine. Please, just once, a truely satisfying day.

But I don't mind running around the whole of Singapore if things could be like how it used to be... It's all the fat pig's fault and I hate him for what he did which caused everything to be in such a state...
Does anyone have a time machine?... ='(

6:42 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.