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Happy birthday, Xunbin =)

Happy birthday Xunbin di =)

Today was nice.

Math paper two was, to me, easier than math paper 1. For those people like Huilun, please don't accuse Mrs Tay of anything that she didn't do wrong. What's the problem lor. It's like she sets the paper, you don't know how to do and just said * the tay. Scolded you and you gave me that bloody ugly face.

Please, learn to respect your teachers. If you don't finish the paper or don't know how to do, blame it on yourself. At least even if you were angry, why did you have to use vulgarities at her. At least like, for DNT, LKK didn't tell us what to study, lots of people didn't know and it might be of his fault.

But was it that Mrs Tay didn't tell you what topics were to be tested? Was it that she had lots of free time to go through papers with us before the exam? No right.

I didn't finish the math paper anyway. And I know I'm going to fail DNT.

Went with Jolene to IMM after school, and Ian joined us a bit later. Ziqi and her friend Jiayi also came for lunch with us. Saw Aizhen, Felicia, Xiaochen, Rouyi, Leow Simin. Shopped for presents and spent $21+. It may just be a bit to some people but to me every dollar counts. I'm really broke, and I hope people would appreciate what I buy for them.

Thank you Laiheng for the chocolates, Krispok for the mug, giraffe and card, Aishah for the card and Ms Lim for the handshake. Best wishes to Ms Lim, hope to see her return soon. And Ms chan was super funny lah can. Hahaha.

So I still have to buy Zexun a wallet, Krispok a bag and belated presents for LY, Sab, Sawyi, Jan, Cheryl, JF. Jolene, Shinan and Soksan's birthdays are coming.

Saw many frogs at IMM just now. This cute spongebob dancing thing was super nice. Ian might buy that, yay. I was finding high and low for the Sky of Love DVD. The only nice ones I saw 'The Champion' (super nice chinese show long time ago) and 'Huang Jin Lu' (which is super expensive and anyone who buys this would be supersuper nice). If anyone sees the Sky of Love Dvd, please tell me. Thank you =)

Walked home with Ian and Jolene. They took the bus stop below my house and went home. Had a brilliant time with them.

Exams are over. I can finally audi. Lol =)

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