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Happy birthday, Shinan =)

Happy Birthday, Shinan =) Hope you've had a nice day.

Today was ok...

Mrs Tay took over two periods of project work. PE after that. Took timings of the runners with Cherlyn & Alfred, and went to play frisbee with Ian, Tingting and Jordan. Ian hit the frisbee at my ribcage. Super painful. Signed the cards thing for english lesson.

After recess was science, followed by a period of math. Borrowed the textbooks from Soksan & Sweden and bought the french curve. I like Jordan's bendable(?) ruler, very nice to play with. Mrs Tay kept asking me questions lor. Chinese was cancelled and went to photo taking.

They took a damn long time to get ready and I did not get to stand with Huien in the end. It was super boring and so embarrassing when the students started coming in the hall one by one, then the stupid camera man keep tell people to move move move. Didn't take the informal shots.

Went to sit with Jolene. Mdm Yee scolded us after that for not going to trainings often. Dots, I felt really irritated. Grouped with Jolene, Jiayi, Alfred, Ian, Sarah and Cheena for the newspaper collection thing. It was very fun at the first part at the first half of the block. Really it was.

The other part was boring. Ian and Cheena then went back to school for Math Olympiad. Jolene and I left for school earlier than the class because we needed to return to class urgently, and we took 98 back. Ms Dai gave me the class key. Then, after 15min or so, Jeron was back. After 10min, Eleazar & Leslie came and then followed by the class.

They took quite some time to get their bags and get down to the hall. Diao. Then, we took Ian, Cheena and Nisa's bags down and locked the classroom. I carried Cheena's one. Heavy like siao. Got to the hall and returned Ms Dai the key. Started the reflection on the newspaper collection or whatever its called.

The weather was bloody hot and I was burning under the sun. So gaowek(?) can. Then, went home.

I cannot go into MSN and I'm freaking pissed. Knn, and the holidays are coming. Holidays suck. I'd much rather go school for lessons.

I wish I could talk to him....

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