Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUSHY CHUA PEI SHAN! =)=)=) You suck xD But I love you! Hahahaha. Must take care of the tigger ok. If not I make sure your hair grow bushier I tell you.. Anyway, cheer up ok! Don't dwell on the results already, at least you know DNT is important! Go go bushy! Show the leaves and the branches (your good friends!) that you can get top 10 position one ok! Hah! (The hah is yi da li make one. Rofl xD)

And Happy Birthday to ONG Huilun too! Another science rep, whoo!~ Since you didn't accept the sweet wrapper, I will try get present LOR. Hope your birthday wish comes true!

Today was ok lah.

The NCC boys sai (as in tanned) until super nice. Especially Ian. It's like his skin is red. Alfred looked like bangala! Zhiyong (Siao summary!) went to peel the skin at his nose. Lol then got one patch:D

Reading was actually very sian one, but had "entertainment" from Kristie si pokpok and Shinan. Crappers =) Tingting lor, she sick so she didn't come in the morning. Math after that, because Mrs Tay took over PW lessons. Demerit point for not bringing math textbook... =(

Health Check up after that. Kristie was swinging her socks! They wanted to see us strip lah, so don't talk about it. Jeslynn's favourite lor. Then geography also don't have because check up was very long. Recess. Didn't eat my pau because I didn't go down and nobody wanted to buy =(

Two periods of english was spent on scrabble. Had alot of pictures but cannot upload cause, say already, I'm not using my computer. Anyway lazy to upload. Chinese after that, followed by LFK's boring lessons. Tomorrow still have lor.. Can die already lah.

Mr Chan came then gave the paper for retest. So sad right. But he finally allowed me to take the paper out because we wanted to have lunch out and there was still shooting after that so I could pass to him at the range. Thanks, Mr Chan! =) Went to KFC with Jayda, Christine, Lam Junyuan, Joelly and Sweden. Haha. Their science all super good lor. Especially the get 80 marks one~ >:(

Shooting after that. C Boys shot. Jayda and Soksan had to shoot today around 5+ and Christine and I shooting this thursday. Went to 2i3 classroom and talked alot for like an hour or so. Then went for tuition with Janelyn and Boontiang. Then science with Jan. Sian ok.

Rushed back home to watch Ben Xiang Jian Li Shi. Then this person called lol. And Cherlyn came to my house to watch TV. Haha, and Jianyuan was super funny lah! I kept laughing hard at him. Then they kept taking the video of the front row. So malu... Then alot people were like I saw you on TV on TV on TV.

Weiliang: Ya. You changed. Change become more sotong already. I keep laughing.

Zzz. Shortie. And I think that's all.
21/5- Some dry firing
22/5- Mock competition
23/5- Transport weapons to Yishun Safra
24/5- Training at Yishun Safra
25/5- Monthly shoot at Yishun Safra

June holidays
- At least 3 trainings a week at Safra! Zomg, got air con!
- BBQ at West Coast.
- Remedial lessons.

HUIEN (Da Chang Jin) LOVES MR ... Button-going-to-pop-out! xD

I really am trying my best to tell you the truth...
But I really cannot do it lah! ...


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