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Happy birthday, Felicia and Cheowyi =)

Happy Birthday Felicia twin! Hope you liked that little thing and I'm getting you the other one next week ok, sorry. I liked the bear you gave, really cute! Hahaha =)
Happy birthday Cheowyi, I love you alot alot =)
And Happy World Red Cross Day?

Today was super X super = super² (YES! I know my math!)

Came to school from back gate and Hazirah gave me that cute thing, and saw Emelia and Aishah:) Went up and Christine and Joelly saw me and smacked the Spongebob Zexun gave at my face. Hahaha. Then some things happened and sorry Christine for you know what but I just cannot lah.

Hui En forgot to give me my cheap sweets from mama shop! >:( Si huien =) Went down after that and tried to find Krispok in front where the Red Cross people were at. Shipok was super lame! Dunno what facial.. And aizhen was super cute can. Left the receipt in the bag, haha.

Science exam was easy and I did both questions 3 and 4. Math was quite difficult to me and I felt like strangling LKK. Some more he didn't tell us what to study for DNT tomorrow and we're gonna flunk man. Went for yummyyummy chicken rice after school and gave Krispok $2 for dunno what reason. Too much money already, lol.

Had difficulties getting up and down the bus. Damn embarrassing can. Luckily there was Cherlyn the geek to help me carry or else the cranes would probably be flying everywhere. (Then jeron would run away, rofl)

Oh ya. And I was like skipping and jumping and shouting away happily when I saw Mrs Tay today after school. Like: "MRS TAY! MRS TAY! HELLO, MRS TAY! LALA, MRS TAY~" And she gave a broad smile =)



People who wished me happy birthday in advance:
Jordan, Diyanah, Sawyi, Khiameng, Nicholas

People who wished me happy birthday:
Lixuan, Krispok, Aizhen, Eleazar, Ian, Jeslynn, Xiaochen, Jayda, Hazirah and her friends, Joelly, Christine, Sabrina, Khiameng again, Shinan, Tingting, Jordan again, Jiaxin, Jolene, Sally, Ziqi, Jiaying, Derek, Alfred, Cherlyn, Diyanah again(?), Aishah, Emelia, Wenhui, Cold, Janelyn, Nigel, Cheryl, Liqing, Shi Ting, Cheena, Nasuha, Huien, Bangguo, Felicia, Soksan, Jonathan, Elycia, Chunrong, si Weiliang, MS CHAN =)

Zexun for the Big Spongebob =)
Derek for the 500 cranes and Big Spongebob
Tingting, Shi Ting and Cheena for the name thing
Felicia (2i3) for the brown bear thing
Felicia (2i5) for the sotong and the flower
Eleazar for the crushed math paper (hahaha!)
Aizhen for the MYUK pencil case =)
Wenhui and Cold for the MYUK purple:) wallet
Hazirah for the Tigger
Huien for the free hug (where are my sweets and toy!)
Joelly and CHRISTINE for the 'twin' blue bear =)
Jolene for the cute little thing =)
Ms Chan for the wet hand shake! -laughs- =)

Sorry Felicia for making you wait until next week fora proper present and Wenhui for not giving you anything =(

And the people who say they are getting me belated presents:
Ian, Jiaying, Nisa, Aishah, Emelia, Sawyi, Jeslynn, Sally, Huien, Alfred, and maybe Pokpok, Laiheng, and Jordan.

And Cherlyn and Jeron for the cranes?

I owe...
Krispok a bag.
Zexun a MYUK wallet.
Felicia a bigger present.
Janelyn a belated present.
Sawyi a belated present.
Wenhui a belated present.
Jordan another meal.
Linyan & Sab a belated present.
Cheryl a super belated present.
Jinfei a MYUK wallet if he still wants.

Oh my gosh, die.

I guess that's all. Sorry if I left out your name or anything, but Christine Cheah Yoke Theng wanted me to credit some people so.. there. Thank you guys for the wonderful day.

Loves loves =)

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