Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Fuck them.

Happy birthday, Amelia Loke Jiahui =)
Happy Vesak Day. God bless.

Just came back from JP. The weather so freaking hot.

Went to the temple around Bugis cause today's Vesak Day. Then went Raffles there take train to JP and went to Long John to find Jolene, Jeslynn and Jeron around 140. Sorry lah lol. Then went walk around JP and Jeron went arcade. Saw Hailin and Jolene said she saw Charell.

Then no nice movies to watch at the cinema. Saw Shawn See and his girlfriend and this funny guy. Then went to Kiddy Palace and bought some things and Jolene's present. Went to buy MYUK pencil case for my brother. Then just walk around lor. Went popular and saw this super nice Spongebob book!! I want!!!

Pretended to go toilet and went to buy Jolene's stupid cakes instead. Went mac to find them and Jolene suspected but didn't know what I bought. Jeslynn and I bought fries and stuck them onto the cakes for candles and then the ice cream as the lightings.

Stupid lor after that. I toppled some of the cakes over lah can. Then hor some stupid guys keep laughing at me. Fuck lah so rude can. Then Jeslynn say it's very funny lor. Grrrrrr and this Zhenyang-looking guy (just not so tanned) stared at me with his mouth open. His friend, which happens to be a Mokpeihan-looking guy, was like talking about me to his friends and giving that what the hell look.

Nabei. It's like I never de jui them then they give that attitude. Then some bangala beside the Zhenyang-looking guy also keep laughing. After a few min, he and the Peihan-looking guy keep nudging the Zhenyang-looking guy and said,"Go lah" or whatever shit. Grrrrrr. Maybe it means: go lah. tell her she's such an embarrassment. Shit them.

Anyway, continued to eat the cakes. Jolene was happy. Well, of course she had better be, after all the trouble and embarrassment I went through ok! So ulu lah. Saw Derek, Weiyang, that weirdo Jacky guy and some others in mac. And also Huiwen, who worked there.

After that, Jeslynn left and Sarah & Cherlyn came. Went to arcade to see if Jeron was there. So sad he wasn't. Went back to Fairprice again to see the ultra big.. pad lah. LOL Sarah kept trying not to laugh. Is the (imitates Zhiyong!) siao Bushy want go see one lor. And I had no idea that a cabbage costed less than 20cents! (sheng sheng sheng, wo jui bang)

Went to the TS CD shop after that. Know what?! SKY OF LOVE CD IS FINALLY OUT LOR. OMGZ! So happy! =) I can finally watch that super touching movie again. PS I Love You is also out already. Jolene promised to buy Sky of Love CD for me, unless if she doesn't, I'll try to save up and buy asap =)

Walked a while more and went to take train with Jolene and Cherlyn. Sarah took bus home. On the train, Jolene kept calling other people from my contacts lor. Then got one incoming prank call which I thought is she call one, as in outgoing. Stopped at Chinese Garden and went into Parc Oasis because Jolene's the resident ma. I want to visit Brandon and Sarah (Goh) again. They live at the topmost level. The view there's very beautiful.

Took 187 home after that.

Missing my primary school friends alot suddenly.

Yeyang, Allan, Linyan, Sabrina, Jiawei, Yihao, Riyaas, Maungthet, Cheryl, Qinjiang, Zhihan, Ian, Bryan, Amelia, Liqing, Lixuan, Wanqi, Berber, Hughes, Weiliang, Darius, Jonathan Tay, Jonathan Tan, Jonathan (prefect), Wenkiat, Zhiming, Yijin, Yingxin, Sally, Yingchong, Leroy, Siyang & Neha (HAHAHA), Vanessa, Shihui, Mabel, Anna, Xunbin di, Sharifah, Timothy Tan, Timothy Tay, Benjamin, Ian, Kevin, Zahra, Khiameng, Yuehan, Qixia, Keefoong, Wan'Er, Sihong, Eileen, Angeline, Vishaki, Eunice, Chaoxiang, Isa, Aloysius, Xiyun, Grace, Aileen, Siying, Jolene, Nadhir, Chloe, Qinyu, Xinyi, Karen, Louis, Yihong, Eugene, Danielle, Hilda, Lixing, Weijian, Junyang. (Cannot continue anymore)

And Nigel Tan in England. Haha.


6:20 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.