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No training today =(

Woke up around 730 and realised there's remedial today. Kristie smsed me to go school earlier because she was in school already, lol. Got ready and went to school. Met Ian and Azhar, then Haziq, Kristie and Ziqi. Went class.

Had chinese rememdial from 9 - 11. Because of Safra yesterday, now Cheeyuan calls me Power Ranger and Zhiyong Summary calls me robot, as they obviously saw me in the jacket. Summary said he shot 0/10? And one part when Ms Dai was explaining some things, Cheeyuan laughed all of a sudden.

Me and a few others: ?
Cheeyuan: Mr Teo Eikman. Mdm Oen Siew Yok. (dunno how to spell..)
-after a while more of laughing-
Cheeyuan: Mdm Teo Eik Yok (Egg Yolk)

Rofl. It's lame but the half of the class who heard what he said was laughing.

At 10.12, a Pig woke up. Haha =)

Played Kristie's (purple..) PSP a while. Audi. Not so fun. Prefer DJ Max. Even Cheeyuan has a PSP, and now almost everyone does.. Went Mac with Ziqi. One part she was like,"I never see Pornsak yesterday! I like to see porn you know!" Lolol. Then we had a nice chat while eating lunch. The pig keep gaming. Then took bus home and Ziqi went to her Creative balloons thing.

Feel like training at Safra now...

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