Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Today was ok lah =)

Geography, math and then PE. Omg, Mrs Tay lied to me. She said I failed paper 2 most probably, so since I failed paper 1, I wouldn't pass overall. But I passed paper 2 and it pulled me up to a passing mark! Nearly screamed when I saw my paper 2! But I know I should have done better...

PE in the hall. They played Captain's ball and the guys (Azhar, Haziq, Cheeyuan, Zhiyong, Leslie, Eleazar, Guanliang, Alfred, ...) played this game which seemed to be like Dodgeball. Super funny! Especially when Kristie kept using Cheeyuan's phone to take picture of Azhar's butt. HAHAHA. HAHAHA. It's really funny ok! Then I was sitting down of the floor, so Azhar's ass kept blocking my view lah.

Haha, ok enough of his ass. Mr Yeo didn't come again for english, zzz, so I read a book for a period. Haziq, Azhar, Aishah and a few more malays were playing some game I think.

Then suddenly,
Haziq: Kristie with ... Ian (Chow)! (Think that was what he meant)
They: -laughs-
Haziq: Then Cheowyi with ... Cheowyi ...
(Haziq starts gossiping with Azhar and Hazairi)
Kristie: -turns to me- Kenny Tan! Hong Hwee~
Me: (diao)
Haziq: (continues) ... with ... ah!
(Haziq points at me)
Haziq: with Lee Fong King!
Everyone: -laughs and laughs-

Lol! I wanted to smack his face. And Aishah laughed alot when what Haziq said turned out to be Mr Lee. Rofl.

I went over to play Poker with Tingting, Ziqi, Ian and Laiheng for the next period. Played er shi yi dian. I would've fa cai if I was the zhuang and if we had played with money. Haha, it was fun, especially when we played Cheat. Tingting, Ian and I were laughing super hard.

Got an extra mark for chinese ying yong wen because teacher calculated wrongly. Then everybody were talking about the BBQ and Ms Dai's balloon thing, because one of the lessons clashed(?) together with the day of BBQ. Then next was LSA, which ended up having us to do some crap survey lor.. What the hell...

Then the class spent the rest of the time arguing about the BBQ thing.

Went for lunch with Christine and Joelly. I love Sweden's PSP can! Omg! That game, some DJmax thing. But I kept breaking the combo, so it's like super annoying. Especially when Jayda played until 100+ combo and I made it till 200+ until I broke it. Damn. And Sweden had his PSP with no batt in the end. Haha.

Training was ridiculous. I have lots of things to say, but it's better to just keep my mouth shut. And when we went down to the canteen for a drink, the NCC people were there and I saw Alfred doing jumping jack very funnily. Hahaha! When we got up to the range and I looked down, Cold was hugging Junhao for about 5 seconds. Lam JY was flapping his hands. (Really, Huien saw also!)

-sigh- Great, there's LFK's period tomorrow. Hope Mr Yeo will finally come tomorrow and return us our English papers.

7:35 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.