Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Happy birthday, Jan! =)

JANELYN ONG! Happy birthday! =) Sorry for your late present, but hope you'll like it ok. Know you don't mind, because you still owe me a bubble tea from Sweetalk. Haha =)

Read the obituaries in the newspaper when I woke up. There was a kind face which caught my eye there. And a mother with a kind face had given birth to a daughter with such strong determination. Even if the others don't, I do respect her. A lot.

Went to the Jurong library with Cherlyn and Jeron. So many cute little babies~ Especially that sweet girl in the tram(?) who held up her hand and smiled at me, so I went to shake her hand. She's so adorable!!!

Jeron was quite good at drums. Saw many people there. Liyan, Baohui, si Jocelyn, Wanting, Yunxin, Peihan, Magdelene. Also saw a female wearing a big spngebob shirt. Damn, why can't I find one of those. I'm dying for a spongebob tee.

Nothing else to add. And dear Huien, don't worry, I'm fine, thanks =)


Everyday I would be thinking of you. Every hour I would be wondering how you were and what you were doing. Every minute I would feel a sense of sadness because of the distance I felt between you and me these few weeks. Every second I would wait for that day when, hopefully, everything would be able to be like how it used to be again.

And I still don't know why this happens to me...

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