Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Reading today. Pokpok and stupid dog's friend/rapist's victim keep chao chao chao =) Pokpok during class also keep want kope my new pen. Rarrrrr =)

Ms Dai didn't come for chinese. Mrs Tay... came after that.. Really teared when you were to see her face full of sorrow and sadness.. Especially when she emphasized on the two words - too late. Hope she liked the bookmark and that her mother's ok...

Ok, so english after recess. I got confused over spelling 'imagining' and 'imaginating'. I wrote imaginating, which I still have this feeling that it seems perfectly alright. Changed it for the comprehension anyway. Geog and science after that.

Jolene went to meet her primary school friend. Geek and I stayed in class with people like Jeslynn, Ian, Jiayi, Diyanah, Nisa, Emelia, Chee Yuan, Eleazar, Haziq, Azhar and some others.

Around four, went for lunch until five and went home. I will do my math homework by tomorrow morning, for Mrs superwonderfulandfroggy Tay, who's willing to sacrifice much time for her students.

8:52 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.