Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Watched L, he rocks =)

Spent reading period laughing my ass off with Tingting, because of LFK's fav Whale Rider book. Got caught by Dai Lao Shi because of the hair, si Bushy said everybody hair go up I still give gong face. PE after that. Volleyball. Then went to the toilet and played water with Bushy, until wetwet. Cherlyn thought we sweat, haha.

Music continued laughing with Bushy. Seriously, I'm getting this laughing syndrome. Anyway, we were laughing at dropcoin guy and 一大利, as usual. Haha. Then si music teacher want us stay. She made us sang one by one, and she confiscated my "An hour to live, an hour to love." book because Cherlyn was reading it during her lesson. Knn, hair too curly or what lah she =(

Amy from i8 offered to help but she couldn't get it back cause it was locked in the cupboard. Thanks anyway.. Wonder how I'm gonna read tomorrow morning cos I won't bother to bring. Math was ok, didn't eat for recess. Then science was super boring (to me), chinese was hai hao and english lesson Mr Yeo kept looking at me cause I was sign languaging with Bushy. She lah, sit so far =x

After school, went to JP with Joelly, Christine and Felicia from i5. Ate at KFC and went to the theatres. Met Jocelyn Tan Jin Le, hahaha. She was gonna watch the same movie with her friends.

Watched L changes the world after that with Christine. I love L, he's so cute and nice. Many new characters in the movie, so sad he still had to die in the end. The ending part was really touching, it was worth sheding tears.

Let's stick through thick an thin together. Thank you for everything, really gan dong le wo. Haha, love ya. Cheer up too ok. I want to see you smiling all the way in school. And it's a good thing you don't stick that tongue out so often nowadays:D

I will cheer up, my dear 9/20! :D

Ying Chong
Haha. I'm happyhappy one ok. How you know my blog de? Anyway, thank you for the 'u will find some1 which will b with u for the rest of the life one day =))'. Take care.

Thank you for being such a nice guy who'd be willing to lend a listening ear. Don't give a blackblack face so often, and good luck for tomorrow. Your leg will get better, but I will continue pulling your chair x)

JOLENE! You've been a really true buddy these months. We laughed together everytime and got scolded by teachers together. You keep your promises and don't spread secrets around like wildfire like I do =x Although I hate it whenever you pangseh me, I seriously like having you around because I realised we share alot in common, especially the sense of humour of.. the youknowwhos xD Hahaha. BUSHY GIRLFRIEND ILY :D

My friends rock =)

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