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Sunny Day =)

The Sun finally shone.

Met Sweden at the bus stop to school in the morning. Waited for Christine at Fuhua stop and went to range. Said hello to Jolene & Javan on the way. Sec Ones were training, so we ran a few rounds around the school instead.

Went to Sok San's house after school. Her mother so got style (lol, I don't know how to say). Went to JP after that and met Leow Simin, Lim Simin, Felicia (2i3) and the donut guy. Then Xiao Chen came, and Christine, Leow and I went to KFC for lunch, and they went to the library.

After lunch we walked around. OMG! That little guy from the arcade so cool lor! He small small chubby chubby and did the dancing thingy (you know, the one where there are many arrows you have to step on?) so pro! PRO YOU KNOW:D So pei fu him. Went to comics collection then some idiots saw Leow then kaobei.

I WATCHED HORTON AGAIN =) I love the movie. I like Horton & the funny Mayor. And that cute yellow animal was so adorable. Also the smallest daughter of the Mayor with the little orange ribbon on top. Ahhhhhhhhh. And Jojo is super cool. So, so cool =)

Mayor: No matter what happens, Jojo, (I'd like you to know that) I couldn't ask for a better son.
I think he said something like this and it was so sweeeeeeeeet. That line's really very nice =)

After the movie, we walked a while more and I took MRT home with Christine.

I really tried ...


1 & 2 JJ! =)
3 - 6 Taken at Vivo
7 Cute right?
8 Marble Cheesecake from Secret Recipe
9 & 10 Taken at range. It's funny:)
11 SokSan
12 That pro kid!
13 Christine
14 A pretty card:)
15 CUTE Techno x)
16 Haha =)

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