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Today was a better day.

Geog test in the morning. Stupid Javan said I will confirm fail (during morning assembly, in a jokingly voice, that's what I think) but I think he's right. Lit after that. I read for two periods cause LFK told me to. English after that, but Mr Yeo did not come.

Didn't go down for recess because was studying for Chinese test with Jolene and Ian. Told stupid lao di go down buy but he never! So hungry lor. Chinese test was ok, and Math was damn, damn boring. Really. Everyone was yawning one after another.

Went to com lab for science lesson, but it was the govin brother (that's what our class call him) who took us there because Mr Chan wasn't there. He sot sot one lor. Take files also must ask so much.

After school, went to eat with Christine, Joelly, Jayda and Elycia. Shooting was ok, and Chao Xiang was irritating. Haha, Sweden very funny. Then met Joelly and went to see the activities going on. The drummers were really super good ok! So fantastic lor. The guys training for tunnel ball also clapped and cheered for them.

We were like, why can't they let girls try these stuff. So cool! Some more can be in the camera video, wahahaha. -winks- Also saw NCC people. Jayda was wondering why Chee Yuan do push up the butt never come up like the others, lol! Then we went home.

Finally, a day you didn't ruin, I guess...
Basket =(

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