Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Sky of Love.

Lim aizhen lim aizhen lim aizhen!
Cheer up ok? Don't shed any tears anymore, and must remember to put your tongue in the right place, ok? Not like sticking it out everytime =)

Had geography and math, then PE. After recess was english. Supposed to get worksheet from Mrs Tay, but forgot, and realised that Jordan had put three papers on my table. Asked Mrs Tay before she entered i1, and she told me to ask everybody who hadn't received it..

Went to the aesthetics room during english for some speech and drama thing. THat man's a bit gay lor. We did some 'zip zap boing' thing, then formed a circle. First Hui Lun was the one in the middle, then Chee Yuan, me, and Azhar. Hui Lun did nothing. Chee Yuan did some funny moves and I just repeated the Spongebob Squarepants line 4 times cause he say must sing a song. Got tune ok. Then Azhar really sang like some Singapore Idol lor. Omg. His singing is nice.

Then performed the banana dance. After that I rushed to level 4 and passed the 'then crumpled papers' to Mrs Tay. She was like,"So how?" and was smiling. LOL and she tied her hair today.

Chinese after that and no LSA but did some crap. After school, went to the hawker centre near bubble tea shop with Hui En and Christine, then si Sok San came also:) Wanted to go shooting but promised that Lim Hui En that I would go watch the Sky of Love with her. Then Pei Han and Shi Nan also went, then we go Orchard lor.

THen take MRT just talk on the journey, so long lor. (Wey, I got take MRT not just 1 time or 2 times ok.) Went to some dunno where lah and watched the movie at the Cathay. We sat like me, Hui En, Pei Han, Shi Nan.

THe movie is superrrrrrr touching! It's about this girl called Mika and her first love, Hiro. Really very nice. Peihan's phone actually rang during the movie. SOme Jay Chou song.. And, ok, he even slept during part of the movie.

After movie, felt so embarrassed.. Went washroom wash face and we walk walk a while. I saw a shop with many faces of SPONGEBOB you know! So cool! But it was already like six plus (movie starts 425) so just looked at some and took train home. So packed, cause of the peak hours. >:(

After around 17 stops, Hui En alighted at Bukit Batok and Pei Han went with her.
Don't ask what happened after that.

Going to the Science Centre tomorrow, with 2i3, and have to go back to school for this briefing until 830pm I guess..
Based on a cell-phone novel that moved 11 million people to tears, "Sky of Love" is a story about a regular girl's three stormy years in high school. While her friends are absorbed about their boyfriends, Mika is clueless about falling in love. She begins receiving phone calls from a boy she doesn't know and is gradually drawn to him. She finally meets him but their happy days soon pass as trouble is brewing on the horizon.


Thank you. You were nice. I just didn't know how to face you, sorry.

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