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Second day.

I use purple leh. So nice right :D

Reading was boring today. I failed the cheng yu test again (retest) and got one mark lower than my previous one. Had to see Mrs Tay during math lesson again. After recess was english. We arranged back tables and chairs. Sorry for what I did, Haziq. Geography after that, and science was the last period.

Didn't go KFC with Jordan for lunch because was going bubble tea shop. So Jiayi they all went with him instead. Drank my blue coral ice blended and went for training with Christine, and Hui En left for the Prefects Meeting. Jayda came after that, and they went for PT and blahblah. But Christine and I didn't join them cause we had tuition.

And I hate it when people boss me around and tell me what to do and what not to do with such a fussy and impolite manner. Please don't try to act as if you're so big just because you think that you are the head or whatever for all I care. Do learn to have some respect and don't give us that stuck up face.

Tomorrow's Mrs Tay's lesson two period again and haven't even touched her homework, damn. At least there's PE afterwards. HOpe can play and don't need run around the school =)

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