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Last day of Term 1 =(

Today was a fun day. Really.

DNT first, not that boring. Had to return Jordan his 50c because he helped me. PE was fun, played Captains Ball all the way until the end of recess; Mr Yeo joined in. English after that. Did not change. Changed when we were going assembly at 1130 - 1230.

Sat all the way behind. Mrs Tay looked sad because she did not have time to give us homework because of the assembly =) Mrs Low kept giving me the glare. >:( After school, went to KFC with Bushy at Jurong Swimming Complex. Saw Weiliang, Hughes, Wan'Er, Jun Ren and those JVS people.

Brought the food to school. Our class people were VSing some guys and girls from 2i1. Played till 2 and had CE. Jiayi wanted me to ask any 2i1 person if they could play at 3 when our CE ends. Smsed someone to tell and Mr Yeo caught me, again. So I explained to him. Then the person told me Mr Yeo asked if someone from 2i2 sms one of them. Lol.

Sarah, Jiayi, Bushy, Jiaying, Sally, Ziqi, Wei Hao, Hui Lun, geeky Cherlyn [x)] and I went to the basketball court. 2i1 people also came. Then Ziqi and Sarah climbed up the monkey bar thing, and the bangala Sarah dunno how to come down. Haha. Funny girl. Then just everyone talktalked for dunno how long. Jinfei pullup is chao bang one lor.

Bushy, Jiayi and Weihao went home after that. Then the 2i1 people go dunno where and we borrowed the ball from the girls, Huini and Xinmei they all. Played Volleyball and Basketball until sian diao, so went to watch Sarah and the Jeron, Timothy and Nickson they all play soccer. Cute Sarah kick until shoe keep flying out =)

Sarah and Ziqi:)

Look at Sarah the pro. Lol! (Credits to her and kohkohkoh:D)

Then 2i1 guys came back, and someone still make the 'kissing sound' and thought Cherlyn was me, from the back. They played basketball and Cherlyn and I went to 2i1 because Javan had took my science practical book to 'pretend pretend only'. Lol, he so many books there lor.. And dear kind hearted unsexy geeky cherlyn helped Nadin take her books home. Oh My Gosh, she's so nice lor. But I also got help her take, which makes me equally nice =x Lol jk.

So when we got back to the fitness corner, we left for the bubble tea shop (cheese fries there). Drank the usual. Hope Koh3(cube) felt better after the drink and her cheese fries. Get well soon, ok? =)

Went bus stop with Ziqi and Cherlyn fist because Ziqi had to rush to JEC. Lent her my $10 then she zao in the taxi le. Then the Geek(Cherlyn) and Nerd(Me) went home in bus 187 =)

And my face chao da le =(

(For people like Eleazar or those who were absent like Emelia to take note)
Holiday homework:
1. Science*
- Workbook Chapter 5 Section C (pg 27-29)
- Practical Book (Activities 14 - 17)
- Mindmap Chapter 5
2. Geography
- Workbook Check 2 (pg 75-84)
3. English
- Argumetative Essay Practice ("Should parents smack/slap or hit their children to correct misbehavious? Yes/No.")
- Composition writing (My grandparents/parents' treasure + photo of the treasure)
4. Chinese
- Zhou Ji (600words) on the squaresquare paper

(*Must do the Science homework ok? =) It's important you know.. Cause Huilun, Bushy and I are science reps =x)

This should be all. And I have to chao the chapters fou to six of the chinese textbook because of getting 6/20 for the cheng yu ce yan =( Someone help me copy one chapter leh. I also got 8/20 for DNT and 16/60 for the CE paper.. Omg...

I want to go out with you.

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