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Happy Birthday to Bro, Boon Tiang and the Tan Junhao guy from 2i1. =)

Stomachache in the morning. Kept sitting and slouching.

Geog was ok, and science after that. ME was about this boygirl relationship thing. Watched a video. Then recess went to eat wanton noodles cause it's hothot one then the weather coldcold =) I like cold weathers, but I don't like the too strong winds. They mess up my hair.

Jordan Tan YY, I'm not emo.

Nothing special about english and chinese periods after that. Had ci yu ce yan. And Mrs Tay was late for 10min today, hahaha. Then had retest after school, so sian lor.. Mrs Tay didn't want to give me one more mark, and Javan said she still told 2i1 about me wanting one more mark? >:( Then sat beside bushy and some 2i1 people came over to had the retest.

Then halfway through, Mrs Tay told Bushy to sit in front because she was 'too close to me'. Mrs Tay went away after that and 2i1 people left their papers there just like that. LOL, then Mrs Tay come back jiu nagnagnag. Went to the range with Sok San, Jayda and Christine after that.

Mr Lee Fong King in charge, diao. Say what,"How dare you eat fries at my range?!" Woah, his range sia.. Then we lied to him we went to change after warm up. Then we went to play volleyball. Kendrick, Noppadol and Phang Wei Yang came to play also cause Jayda called them to come. Christine was paiseh. Lol!

We were at the parade square. They came to canteen de side and stand there.. Then Javan called and say what they want to play volleyball also. His class boys. Stupid aizhen lah, why you not there huh! And don't hit me ok =) In the end we went to the corner of the parade square. As in the path we run during PE.

At first, Jayda and I vs Noppaldo and Kendrick. Christine jianchi don't want play lor. Then, became Noppaldo and Kendrick vs Javan, Jinfei and Wenhui. The rest sit at one side lor.. Then that sock mountain (soksan) keep laughing, hahaha. Cause the Javan play until so funny. Then once the ball flew over and weiyang climbed over..

Then Christine left for tuition. Noppaldo left with Wei Yang. Then we watched the sports carnival thing. Then the guys went, except Kendrick. He walked Jayda home. And before that, when we went to the shooting range to get our bags, Mr Lee Fong King scolded us. Then keep calling Soksan 'So San'. LOL! Then he call me Smiley, then wanted to pull my ear and say,"I will make sure three of you won't make it into the school team."

Then Jayda and Kendrick went. Soksan and I went also.

And tomorrow, I think we're playing Captains Ball against other classes after school, before CE, that 一大利's lesson (I bet with you she'll either wear red, purple or the flowery flowery curtain tomorrow lor. Then with her red handbag and red spectacles). Jiaxin and Weihao organise de, I think.

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