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OMG today went shooting at Safra and left around 330. Then was wet from the rain but still went to IMM with soksan to see JJ. Stopped at Bukit Gombak MRT cause the woman caught me eating chips and gave me a fine. Walked under the rain again all the way to IMM from jec and when we reached IMM JJ wasn't there....

22 MARCH 2008!
Omg, I feel like killng myself................

After school, went to Science Centre for the DNA thing. That thing was super boring and I gave really ugly feedback when given the form. When it was over, explored a while and Jordan wanted me to spon him Mac. Went to Mac after that with Cherlyn, Jeslynn and Jolene.

Played water. Jolene lah. -.- Then the stupid Looi Cheong Loong made me stand in the middle for five seconds, made me so wet. The funniest part was when Jeron was walking and the water suddenly shot him, haha. Then went with Alfred to the turnig thing.

Eleazar, Jian Yuan, Guan Liang, Alfred, Chee Yuan, Jeron, Hazairi, Leslie, Jeslynn, Cherlyn, Jolene and I wene there. Played the turning thing for quite some time before going back school. We ended up having headaches and having the feeling of vomiting, but still, it was fun.

THe briefing was boring, damn boring.

Shan't talk about friday..

Why was I so dumb.....

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