Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Soccer Mania.

Bushy Chua didnt come today:( Her ahma wanted to bring her shopping so she skipped school, hahaha. She got 3rd prize, too, for the competition. If it isnt a voucher, she would give me part of the money, wahaha. Lessons without her was boring. Very boring.

PE was fun, with ziqi, cherlyn and tingting. I loved that volleyball. Very bouncy bouncy:) What Mrs Tay says is naturally funny, I realised. She called Eleazar a retard because he wore his PE shirt and pants under the uniform:D

Went to Bubble Tea shop for fries and bubble tea with Mae. She ate cup noodles, fries and drank bubble tea. Called Nickson Adrian Pang and he was like,"You good, you good! Elycia told one right?" Then he came back, walked pass us and his friend was like,"Deal or no deal!" and he said,"You good!". Haha.

(And yesterday Hazirah asked me if I was staying back. I said ya, and I said bang, as in for shooting. Then she said bang.
And the dirt is gone.

Soccer Mania wasnt that nice... because Chee Yuan's team didnt win. But 'Adrian Pang' and Jeron's teams won:D Very unfair.. Chee Yuan could have scoed a goal if not for the person who tripped him over. And another time he didnt hear the whistle and the ball just went in the goal..

( I just realised that Jeron isnt such a bad guy after all:) )

And someone is a cold geek, forced to tuck in shirt. Hahaha:D


7:40 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.