Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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High =)

Today was a nice day.

Met Bushy like usual and Chee Yuan came up the stairs behind us, and he did something to her but forgot:) Geog was ok, but a lot of us studied more on the settlements and most of it that came out was on the high and low pop. thing lor.

Lit was like.. LOL! Because Lee Fon King never come ma, so Bushy and I went walking around for the first half an hour. Lol, we went to the spiral staircase and laughed because of the CE teacher. She brings us lots of fun, laughter, peace and joy x)

The second half of Lit lesson, we watched the little soccer match Jeslynn and Sarah played. Sarah very high and Jeslynn stand there only guard her goal. Then she got one own goal, so funny:D

Recess and ate wanton mee:)

Geog after that. Mrs Yan brought us to the AVA room. Taught us on textbook 2B on agriculture. Wth, everything we see like the watermelon and got one part sound like opera singer, all reminds us of the 一大利 CE teacher lor. Then we laugh like what until Mrs Yan make us stand at the side..

Went back to class to put things, and Kenny nearly bumped into Bushy. Haha! xD Covered mouth, if not all the hahaha come out le.. Music went fast, then DNT lor. DNT is boring! Test was difficult. After school, waited for Jeslynn and Bushy with Sarah and dashed out of school to bubble tea shop.

Blue coral ice blended is nice:D Luckily we were only a few minutes late. Jian Yuan hid his burger in his uniform when he came back, and Zhi Yong and Hui Lun came back with their burgers also, and judging from their sweaty appearance, they looked as if they just ran the 2.4km.

After school, i1 people kena scolded by Mrs Tay. Haha. She like nothing to do then scold them:D

Good luck for Math CT1 tomorrow. Cannot disappoint Mrs Tay:)
Oh, and Kristie and I think that Mrs Tay is in love with Bushy. Hahaha.

April Fools guy, must show me respect =)

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