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Happy Valentines.

What a day.

Gave out chocolates and in the morning. I hate some *ed up people. Geog and lit, then that boring da lao shi lesson. Walao, Bushy and I went to put my worksheet at Mrs Tay's pigeon hole and she saw us and gave the qian bian face. Smack her lah.

Turtle's lesson during english. He wrote some permission thing and Bushy and I went to pigeon hole again. Then we cracked some lame jokes and laughed. Then we walked up slowly. Turtle then saw us at 4th floor laughing away and called us to class.

Had science test and last period was math. Didn't have math test cause of the absense of a lot of people. Waited for Jayda, Christine and Joelly for 45min. Jayda went piercing with Fiona at JP and Christine, Joelly and I ate in school cause we would be late for shooting if we went out.

Put bags at range. Sec 1 training I think. So we walked around. Bought a rose for Treena cause she wanted. Then I buy for her she tell me she just kidding LOL. So gave to Yi Han in the end. Then some dunno who say I buy for him and he don't like pink, like what the hell. Smack him also:)

Watched the table tennis girls competition. Sarah so cute & funny. Always down there sa sa sa. And if never meet her expectations she scream. Haha. Then met Robson, then dunno what Hsien Yang and Samson? Aiya, dunno what name lah. My primary school friends. That 'Samson' guy was one of the people who nearly drowned in the canel. The newspaper thing.. I saw his face and he was from PEPS. Only Robson saw me, and he was like,"Your school arh?!" Like so shocked...

Never see any girlfriends:(
And the ahemahem gave aizhen flower uh:D

Jayda came back after that. We talked talked. Javan carried his bucket of roses and handful of sunflowers around. I just asked him why he keep saying the f word then go splash the water used to provide the flowers at me. Grrrrrrr! Then some people so bo liao.

Went back to watch the competition again. Chritine and Joelly left. Jayda went to find Charell and I went to find Tingting and Cherlyn in the hall, cause she prefered watching badminton to table tennis. Then clap clap and cheer cheer and laugh laugh =x
Left to take bags at range with Jayda. In the end also never train..

Then Blossom(Me) to eat the usual with Bubbles(Jiaying), Buttercup(Tingting) and Mojojojo(Cherlyn) after the competition and when Jayda left. Haha. Cherlyn pronounced it as Mojojojojojo cause she didn't know how many jo's there were:) Then played with the name, hahaha.

Left home with Cherlyn. The bus diver saw my rose and said,"Xie xie." LOL!

And Jiayi, Kristie and Bushy Chua for the goodies:D

If you really meant it when you said that we would never be together, it shall be like that then ....
Happy Valentines Day,

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