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Today is the almighty & long awaited LEAP DAY which falls on the 29th of Feb every four years. The last time we had the Leap Day was during 2004 when I was in Primary 4. That was a long, long time ago:) I've appreciated today's rare occasion and would be looking forward to the next Leap Day, four years later. Leap Day rocks =)

Arrived around 720am in the morning today. Rushed Mrs Tay's math homework. Copied Jeron's =x Luckily he went to play soccer with Chee Yuan. Had some crap Daryl's meeting. And Darren. Christine, I hope you will reconsider about what had happened =(
Hope you don't feel sad. L loves you:D

PW, Ms piggy so what lor. And Bushy also the face she give her abit qian da, haha. She was angry. PE after that, ran two rounds only when we were supposed to run three =x Alfred was nice to not force me to run another round, because he was the one who was taking down our timings. Watched Jiaying, Jiaxin, Jiayi, Nisa, Wei Hao, and some more people play captains ball.

Played volleyball for a while only lor, cause bell rang long time ago le, without me knowing. Threw the ball to Javan cause he talk so much, and went up for English with Bushy. Then recess, saw that drop coin guy xD HAHAHA. Couldn't stop laughing when we came up and saw him again. LOLOLOL! Aizhen thought that I was crying. And cheer up, aizhen =)

Didn't change. Science was okay, I passed the common test:D 34/50, means B3 and one more mark to A2 =( Wore uniform over about 5 min before Mrs Tay came. Hot sia. Brought the science files down with Bushy and Mr Chan. I passed math also leh:D 29/50, means C5 and one more mark to B4 and also means that I had to do the retest! >:( 30 and above didn't need to lor.

Chinese after that, took off that bloody uniform. CE teacher wore red again, diao. Went to bubble tea shop with Bushy. Ended up eating with her, Jeslynn, Sarah, Cherlyn and Mae because they came too:) Bushy and I made a bet, whoever laughs at 一大利 during her CE lesson first will pay the winner $$$ xD

CE lesson had to see her red face, LOL! She cough cough cough, Bushy and I covered our mouths like what cause she damn funny lo. Sarah was smiling and looking at us to see who laughed first:D Then finally she cough with her handerchief covering her mouth until her face turn into super red tomato.

Sarah suddenly like hah until very loud then Bushy and I cannot tahan anymore and burst out laughing. LOL! Damn funny lor, and both of us tied. CE test was difficult. Dunno wtf they saying. Last page I put all 1, then two changed when Kristie let me see hers.

Went to swimming complex's KFC there with Bushy because we were released early. Shared a Zinger meal, and we were talking about 一大利, LFK and the dropcoin guy. Her imaginaton is crazy:D We laughed for about half an hour nonstop, so I can't possibly say it in detail:) Laughed until whole KFC filled with our laughters and this malay lady keep staring at us.

Walked around and reached the bus stop, and this long bus came on time. Then the uncle never see us and another girl and some malay people, and skipped that stop. So we had to wait for about another 15min perhaps till the lao kok bus came. I mean, it's really lao kok cause it's old.

That's all:) And I love audi because it rocks, but I hate it because it keeps lagging.

Four years later, we would be seperated by then ='(

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