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Can I hold your hand, please?

Valentines Day tomorrow, Jayda and Sok San should be looking forward to it, and some others too. But I don't think I am ...
I want a nice Valentines Day.
From you..

Today was fun:D

First four periods was a bit boring - GE and MA. I love my math results! PE was ok. I didn't taste the food today, everyone said it suck. After recess was english, but Mr Yeo didn't come and we were supposed to go AVA room find Mdm Oen. Bushy and I haven't changed into uniform. So we went to the staff toilet near AVA room.

Mdm Oen caught us late and made us stand lah. But I find her very nice. And funny. There wasn't a marker so she called either one of us to go, so Bushy went to 2i1 for marker. Bushy then sat first cos my attire didn't meet her expectations. Lol.

Then when she allowed me to sit, she talked about the T-score, expected and actual, blahblah. She called some register numbers and called no.35 and I was like huh. Then the score is 233 ma then I said 'the score is 233.2 so lousier than fuhua' then she looked at the screen and said,"This is fuhua's score." OMG LOL then so paiseh, alot of people laughed. Even Mdm Oen grinned at me, and showed all her teeth. Haha.

The fire alarm sounded and saved us from dunnostillhavehowlong of Chinese. We were at the basketball court, baking under the hot sun. But our places not so warm actually. Hahaha! Bushy and I were crazy laughing. First we laughed at Mrs Tay. Had her lesson before that. then she wrote the questions like a) b) c) d) e) f) then next one she go put h) and we laugh like hell lah! LOLLLLL. Too high. Then we were talking about Lee Fong King. His big belly. Very complicated:)

Then we had LSA. Keep telling me sit in front one ...

After school went to bubble tea shop, as usual. Saw some people.. Then we actually wanted to go for shooting but slacked in the end:D Luckily it was LFK in charged so we could take our attendance:) We were looking at the parade square (soccer players, red cross and NCC) and hall (table tennis and badminton). Then Christine and Joelly left. Jayda, Sok San and I sat down and talked about... things. Too personal to reveal:D

Then we laughed and laughed. Lol! Sok San was like rolling on the ground and Jayda also laugh until mouth pain. Jayda said Zhen Yang saw us cos they had band practice around us and he so called shook his body. Or shivered. LOL! LFK came back with two empty cans of milo. We spent the rest of the time chatting with him. I realised that his prediction is quite good, actually.

That's all.

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