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Safra & Class Deco.

Just came back from Safra Yishun. It was fun.

Met Christine at JE Interchange at 930. Then the others (Jeslynn, Shi Lin, Darren, Darryl, Jarryl, Yeow Yong, Sweden, Saffiudin?, Zhi Xian and crazy Sok San) came from JP. 30min to Yishun and bought food from KFC for take away. Then walked to Safra.

Sweat and sweat. It was a warm, warm day. Finally reached Safra after 5-10min and the cooling aircon greeted us:) So posh and big, the place. After getting settled, we were about to shoot when they said we had to register.So we waited to around 4 damn hours before shooting.

In betw, I called Bushy and Chee Yuan and smsed Cold. Bushy went to CO, grrrrr. Chee Yuan changed SIM card or sth. He'd better do his mindmaps. Cold was stilla s crazy as ever. Haha:D We (Jes, Shilin, Darryl, Jarryl, YY, Sweden, Christine, Sok San, Saffiudin) also played truth or dare. Pull Sweden's white hair, hahaha.

Then we (Sok San, Jes, Christine, Jarryl, Darren) went to 7-11 to buy food cos the food bought from KFC was eaten around 11+. And that Jarryl ate half of my burger. And we saw Christine off. Darren treated us fries. 3 pkts. And the cars all wanted to kill him:)

When we reached Safra, Coach Zhang was there already. After preparation, we started shooting. Jeslynn couldnt shoot if you say "Denzel" XD After an hour, got very fed up. Good thing Glenn helped me and BaoHui helped Sok San pack up. Everyone went home at 530 together cos it closed at that time.

Jes, Sok San, Shi Lin, Darryl, Jarryl, Sweden, YY, Darren, Glenn, Bao Hui, Bo Can, Jared, Chong Wai and maybe a few more ppl all went together. Jes then left for Church (the other direction @ MRT) and we went back to the JE there. Hahaha, Sok San and I went crazy over the Seventeen magazine I bought. Hahaha, Darren the makeup guy.

LOL and our 'whole shooting gang' was the noisiest in the train. Went home and donated a dollar to an old woman and saw Bao Hui, Glenn and Chong Wai going JEC arcade. They wanted me to tag along and Glenn said he would spon. Lol but I didnt wanted to be an extra, so went home. Met Sweden on the bus and came home.

Going to Safra tmr afternoon again. See you guys:D


Here are some photos taken from Diyanah's blog:)



Only interested in showing this photo cos of the ppl behind:) (No other intentions)

I like this:D


{Random: I painted my study table lilac, mid purple and dark purple:)}

Thanks to Nisa, Diyanah and the whole class for the wonderful decoration! And of course me lah. I helped you know. *winks

To Cold:
Don't feel so upset. You must have faith in yourself and her. Nothing is impossible in the world, and miracles do happen. You must know that.
And also know that I don't like that guy.

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